Thursday, June 29, 2006


(everyones been scared away...)

Oh, I've just had the most wonderful dream.

It was the end of the world.

But... because I've been reading up Murakami's version of the end of the world it was a town instead, but in my world the town was a mixture between Richmond and central Oxford. Of course I wanted to go into the library at the end of the world, and I kept meeting these wonderful people who were so interesting, but I really wanted to see Ria because it was the end of the world and of course there just wasnt much time. Ria kept saying she was busy (an extension from the real world, I think), and I ended up bumping into Alice instead, who I always knew ad the potential of becoming a best friend but we never really made it (long time ex-girlf, now just good friend)...anyhoo we were chatting away, talking about girls and how depressingly stale ours (well, really mine) love lives were. When we reached the library at the end of the world after winding through all the ye olde corridors (it was like one of those giant imposing university library types) we had to wait outside, but I still got to choose a book. I think it was on astronomy...

Anyways, we were talking and I was helping her with her french for an exam or something! Anyways, I ended up kissing her and she kissed me back, and it turned into the most amazing kiss ever: tongues teasing across the seam of my lips, a gentle, erotic ravishing, hands in my hair and her hair and everywhere else. At the steps to the main library at the end of the world...fantastic haha. Our phones didn't start ringing thank god, and even in the dream I felt her tongue was becoming too heavy handed. And then, at that point of course the rubbish truck sprung into action and my dream ended!! I started another dream about me and Al in a lesbian bar somehow getting off with each other but it wasn't the same and ended even faster, darn!

So, unfortunately I am now up and awake, my tongue feels dry as if.....? And now I'm realising I have my last exam today, and then I'll be free until September, and god right now life beyond September doesn't bear thinking because I'm not entirely sure I want my life to change. I'm quite happy I remember the dream actually....anyways, wish me good luck!

(I also apologise for photoblogger being blown to fuck...don't know why its not working)

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