Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Paroxetine Withdrawal

Have you gone off paroxetine (also known as Paxil, Seroxat, etc) cold-turkey. If you haven't, you're probably thinking it's a bad idea, and you're absolutely right. It wasn't even on purpose - I was forced into this place by poverty. I literally had no money, not for bread, or milk, or bus trips or pens or pills. I was hungry and in paroxetine withdrawal mode.

It's like...the feeling you get when you have a sugar crash, when you haven't eaten for too long and you feel dizzy, the pavement is like rubber, your eyes throb and it's impossible to concentrate. And then imagine this feeling made worse by a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness, because it's chemically induced and there's nothing you can do about it. All you can do, is endure.

And a lot of the time thats been my mantra for my suicidal moments, and it works because you have respite and you can sleep some of it off and you can cry out the pain, wipe it away from your skin with a tissue; you could dispose of it quite easily. Yet with this enforced, stricken cold turkey process nothing is your own: I've been having fits of tears that won't stop and suicidal thoughts that I don't want, thoughts I barely consider my own and it brings back old scabs from my psychosis and I think the Devil has come after me again...
Sometimes sleep won't come, even when your best state of being is under a soft duvet with pillows cradling you, sleep stays away until dawn and then it's wanting and violent about it. And the dizzyness won't end no matter how much you eat or walk or rest...and it's driving me insane. Not to mention I've decided to write a 5,000 word essay on LGBT activism in the early 1990s instead of something simple and boring like Thatcher, or how shit Blair was... Insanity should be on its way soon :)


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billy said...

I stopped taking paroxetine by accident a couple days ago, and now when I stand up I feel like I am going to fall flat on my face, and have to close one eye to focus on anything. How long did it take before u noticed these effects. I will get my medication when I get off work...

Kristie said...

Oh my, I feel so bad for you both because I am going through this right now! I took paroxitine for 2 months and experienced all the bad side effects of it... now I have gone off it cold turkey (felt fabulous for 2 days) and am now plagued by all the withdrawal symptoms. This is crap! I want to cry, but at least I'm not alone... although I guess it'd be better for everyone if we could all be fine. :(

Anonymous said...

Ok, I all. I am going to be going off of my Paroxetine cold turkey I don't have any more. The Dr. that i was going to can't renew it any more. I hope that i will be fine. I have two kids and a husband that work to jobs. I also work part time i hope that I can just get throught it with no problems. What is the worst that can happen?

Kristie said...

best of luck anonymous. i've been working to gradually reduce my dosage: 20mg/day - 10mg/day - 10mg/every other day - (now) 5mg/every other day. I'm know what's going to happen to me for about a week as my body adjusts to only 5mg: hot flashes, massive headache, fatigue, confusion, dizziness, mood swings, and inability to concentrate, but at this point, like you, it's just time to continue the tapering off process. I've read elsewhere on the internet that switching to a less addictive anti-depressant (such as prozac) can help people go off of paroxetine cold turkey. perhaps you can get ahold of about a week's supply of prozac.

ladylast said...

I need as much info as possible on this , i have been on this stuff for months , i cant cry cant sleep . i dont remember what i did from day to day . i try to stop taking them then i feel like a waterfall of emotions that i dont want to deal with, everything i have seen on this site is me 100% tingling hands tired all the time.

Mudassar said...

I took paroxetene for 1 year and 8 months and then eventually withdrew it despite of doing breathing execises and muscle relaxation excersises I faced withdrawl symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, feeling that I am going crazy, and pains in different parts of the body. It was so horrible when my doctor told me that I have to endure there is no cure, once a person start it he signs an agreement with the medicine to tolerate its withdrawl. Ah it's now two months and I am still feeling a bit terrified but now most of the pains are gone away. My experience is that, that all the withdrawl symptoms come one by one when one ends then the next starts. But one thing is for sure that like all the bad times it has also to pass away. my bad time has passed by 80 percent now and it is improving day by day. I have approcimately done it. Thanks God.

DemiDeciDan said...

I (last week) stopped taking this wonderful drug cold turkey because of how it made me feel. So, as many have said two days feeling good, and now I feel like crap, bad dreams dizzy nausea. I had no idea this would happen no warnings from Doc etc... My bad now add these feelings to my HIV meds and I have had much better days side effects galore!
Wish me luck.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm so sorry for those of you going through this process. I recently went off of my 20mg/day dose of paroxetine. The doctor wanted me to cut back to 10mg/day to ween off. I am calling today for that prescription, but have been totally off of it for about a week. I noticed a few days ago that I have been lightheaded for most of the day. Nothing severe, but enough to make me feel like I had to steady myself every now and then. I am hoping that these effects do not last too long as I was never on a dose greater than 20mg/day. I was told most people are on a much higher dosage. I had to take it to help with anxiety caused by many months of undiagnosed Lyme Disease. I wish each of you all the best and hope that we are all feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time in a week that I learned about the side effects/withdrawls for stopping cold turkey. Feel better knowing that I'm not going insane as it's withdrawls from the paroxitine.

I have pericarditis and had been on prednisone for 5+ years. I needed something to off set the steroid rage i'd get at times when my dosage was high on prednisone due to the pericarditis flair up. The pericarditis is gone for now but the "brick wall" that I hit stopping paroxitine cold turkey is the pits! Called my doc to see if going back on it and weening off is the best option or another medication that will subside the withdrawls and also not be so difficult to get off of.

Best of luck to all who are in this boat as it feels like the boat is sinking!

Searching For Answers said...

I have been on paroxetine for over 2 years now, 20mg/day dose to cope with anxiety. Unfortunately I am no longer able to afford the dr. visits and meds so I am going off cold turkey. Ehh. I am on day 3 or 4, I can't remember. Can't really remember much right now. I have been somewhat stable on the mental front, a little emotional...animal planet makes me cry. Today the little "brain sputters" (I have no idea what else to call it, it feels like my brain just kind of sputters like a car running out of gas) seem to be increasing. I have yet to be too dizzy, which I am thankful for. Although the exhuastion symptom seems to bee taking effect. I have been trying to do research, just to prepare myself and my wife for the difficulties yet to come. Does anyone have any advise out there on coping with the symptoms?? Is there a way to, I don't know, lessen them? And does anyone out there know how long this is going to last?

Anonymous said...

Have taken Paroxotine for over 10 years. Last week I began cold turkey. Yes, I know its not advised. Just sick to death of the crap medical non support Im getting. Last prescripion was issued and vanished into a beaurocratic black hole. Maybe I need to get re aquianted with my old black dog. Feels like a chemical kosh slipping away. Had forgotton, I once used to be creative so many years ago. Saying welcome back to that old friend. Sorry but I think GPS are full of crap. Just over 7 days now. Feel like sh*t, lousy headaches mostly and nausea. Guiness helps! :)
Regards and good luck to all in this endeavour.

John C. said...

I've been on paxil(paroxetine)10mg for about 2 months,made me felling really bad, anxiety like all the bad side affects, now i'm getting of it,plus i'm taking Clonazepm 1mg x 3 a day,am down to 1/4mg f 10mg paroxetine,fell like sh*t,anxiety, muscle pain/spazams,joint's pain,bad headaches, no tylenol would help,or any other pain med's,i tried before other anti-anxiety med's but i could et of them so easy ,but this paxil is the worse thing to take or get of even tappering of,i hate it.I just can do things that i was able to do, hope this goes away fast.

Robert said...

I have been on paroxetine,20mg, for 3 months. I have felt some releif but not what I was hoping for. My Dr. recomended that he increase the dosage but I felt I wanted to get off of paroxetine instead of being controlled by it.Last week I started out by just taking one 20mg pill every other day. I was fine without it on the second day but required the pill as soon as I awoke on the third day.On that third day I felt very dizzy and disorintated and had a very bad headach and needed the 20 mg of paroxetine to function.I did this for one week and now I'm trying to adjust by taking just half a pill every other day. In my opinion paroxetine has proven to be more harmful to me then helpfull.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the "brain sputters". This is what i get the worst when i forget to take my tablets. Any movement made too fast, even if it's just my eyes can trigger this. the only way i know to lesson it is too lie down and try to keep as still as possible until the withdrawel symptoms lesson. Not fun tho!

Anonymous said...

I started taking Paroxetine about 2 1/2 years ago due to panic attacks. (which I probably should have been on it on it for depression YEARS ago.) Anyway, over the past year, they increased my dose from 20mg to 40mg and most recently due to serious depression, they increased it from 40mg to 50mg. Which due to financial reasons, (25mg is not on the walmart $4 rx program) I can't take it. Not to mention not further having a doctor to prescribe it for me. (long story, but basically boils down to my 'slide scale' doctors office, not being too friendly with their slide scale benefit.
I go to see a pyscholoigist tomorrow, whom hopefully can help me. But I have been taking what is left of my 20mg pills I had from my old rx. One day about 2 weeks ago, I tried cold turkey. One day (not even 24 hours from last dose) I noticed an immediate difference. Scared to death, I took a dose at 10pm at night. (typically taken at 9-10am daily). I FELT AWFUL. Since then, I reduced down to one a day and since I had only 5 pills left, cut it down to 1/2 pill (10mg). I have been in bed since Sunday (it's now tuesday) feeling weak, nauseated, lightheaded, painful joints and with flu like symptoms. A friend let me have a percocet as I was suffering so badly. Aside from feeling sickly in my stomach from taking percocet (not used to taking them)I feel lightly better. Well, enough to deal with the withdrawal. (I'm on the pc, if that tells you anything). Still feel feverish, still feel weak, but tolerating it better.

One drug for another? well, I felt near death without it. Even crying over it.

Will I go back on Paroxetine with going to shrink tomorrow? Not sure. If it had this bad of withdrawals from it, should ANYONE be taking it? It did help with my panic attacks, til after time, they doubled it, it seemed to be helping again. Now up to 50mg? I don't know. Something that hard to come off of, just doesn't seem to be healthy to take. Although my husband sure said he noticed a difference in my attitude over the years.

I laugh and tell him, it's not my crazy pill, but a pill that helps me tolerate him! ha. And honestly I think it does just that. It keeps me from freaking out over small things. When something bad happens, I still freak out, but get over it more quickly being on the drug.

So I guess we'll see. Hopefully tomorrow will be a big day for me. I'm afraid I will put a shrink into retirement. ha!

Anonymous said...

I took paroxetine for about 6 months and eventually decided to go off of it because I felt like it was making me lethargic. I cut back to 10 mg for about 8 days (per a Dr's advice) and then ran out of meds. It's been two days since I took the last 10 mg dose and I am incredibly dizzy. I feel like I just got off some spinning ride at the fair. It's worse in the afternoon and I am definitely having some hot flashes as well. My question is - how long do these withdrawal symptoms last? A week? More?

Anonymous said...

This drug is evil, vile, rubbish. Although it stops anxiety very well, it also stops you having the ability to have an orgasm, robs your libido, makes you sleep 10-14 hours daily and turns you into an emotionaly redundany person.

I am currently doing a cold turkey from 8 years of dependance. I have all the classic withdrawal symptoms-no sleep, brain shivers, mood swings, depression. I am very worried as I think the withdrawal is causing me psychosis-I smashed a door off its hinges, put a knife to my throat and threatened to end it all (because of something trivial) and a number of other scary incidences. Basically I am going nuts coming off this.

How is this drug still legal? It is no better than heroin and cocaine IMHO

Rick said...

Damn, I'm not alone after all! I'm another person-turned-basketcase trying to kick my dependence on paroxetine. I'm into breaking the "habit" for about 10 days now, and sure enough it's a trip. I suckered myself into the meds believing it could help my cognitive functioning [which I had previously done some research about], but turned out that the medication was no real benefit to me, and it may have even had a negative effect. Now that I know better, I never want to use that crap again. I'm convinced that this is one drug that should be outlawed. HANG IN THERE, MY FRIENDS!! I'M HANGING IN THERE WITH YOU! Godspeed...

Anonymous said...

Day 3. Life was good until a move, new doctor, and an expired prescription that i needed to see my new doc to get it filled. Decided I am alive and have made it thru kidney failure and that I am not depressed as the doctors insisted I was and threw a drug at me. This is horrid. Feel like my brain keeps skipping and my head is a balloon. Want to cry but can't. No suicidal thoughts. Finally have no appitite. 2 years of telling doctors that paxil makes me ravenously hungry only to be told there is no side effect fir paxil like that. Gained 20 lbs. Never been so hungry in my life as after taking that pill. Hangin in. Praying. No one should embark on this journey without realizing what happens. Praying I will not cave and take it again. Can't sleep. If I get my libedo back it will all be worth the quitting. Praying for you all. Please pray for me!

Anonymous said...

Well, this sucks. Anybody go slowly off this stuff? Anybody know a way off of it without all the crappy side-effects?
The Doc

Anonymous said...

All these comments hit me so hard. It's hard to believe what we're all going through because of what a Doctor prescribed us.

I started on 20mg paroxetine about 5 months ago.
The only way I can describe how I felt for the first few days was "off my face".. the side effects were insane.
Does anybody else get restless legs?
For the first month or so my legs were SO restless I would wiggle them all night long in my sleep.
I also wake up really hot and sweaty with my hair all frizzy because I've been rolling around.

My sleeping improved so much when I started them, bedtime I would fall straight to sleep and be bouncy early in the morning. But now I find it hard to wake up for work. I still get dihorea, nausea, I have absolutely no tolerance to alcohol anymore so I have stopped drinking.

I can understand why so many people stop cold turkey.
I feel as though you get to a point where you hate this drug and its control on you and you just dont want it anymore.

I'm amazed that this drug is legal as opposed to something natural like marijuana that is non-addictive and doesnt have all these horrible side effects.

I take paroxetine for anxiety, its helped SO much, but I now have mood swings and get really depressed at times. This didn't happen so much before, does that happen to anyone else?

That's my main reason for wanting to stop, because I feel sad. Plus the usual things like not being able to orgasm.

I also don't feel supported by my Doctor, it seems he's following the guide lines for this medication but he has no idea what it's like for me.

I'm going to change Doctors and ask if I can ween off of them.

I'm really scared of the withdrawals :( wish me luck.

Anonymous said...

I am probably the longest user of Paroxetine. I have been on it since 1989. I started using it because I was with someone for 12 years. We were engaged, he cheated, left me, etc.
Anyway, I have tried to go off of this evil drug 5 times and each time has been a nightmare!
Well, after reading all these stories and trying to figure out why I was sweating more then the usual person, I am going to try and go through the withdrawing again. And hopefully this will be the final one!! I won't do it cold turkey. I am a wussy when it comes to the electrical shocks, the crying, the feeling of doom. Ugh!!! Yeah, it worked for a while, but I am so afraid of the withdrawal symptoms!!!
Good luck to everyone. I have to be free of this evil drug.

Anonymous said...

My bad, 1998. Not 1989.

Anonymous said...

The day after my July 31 post I had a break down and ended up crying in a doctors office asking to get off paroxetine.
For a week I took half a tablet (10mg) a day and am now on my 5th day without any.

The week with half a tablet I didnt notice anything.

Since stopping completely I don't seem to have the horrible side effects that everyone else has described, at least not so far.

What I have noticed is that I feel as I did before I began taking them.
My anxiety is back, not quite in full form but it's gradually getting worse.

I feel sad tonight but I'm wondering if my anxiety is causing that, as it was making me depressed in the later stages which is why I started on paroxetine to begin with.

To me it seems I have two choices, to be me on the drugs, or me without them.
People seem to like me more when I'm not taking them, I guess having so muxh anxiety makes me more of an energetic person to be around.
This makes me sad though because I feel better within myself without the anxiety.

I think tonight I'm feeling the effects of wanting my drugs back.. :(

doniouri said...

I have been taking this medicine for 3 years now. I tried to go off several times and I just couldn't. All of the symptoms described in these posts would come and I would go back taking it after two days. Also my doctor says that I could just take it for the rest of my days. I am 34 and don't want this. Does anyone know if it might be an option? What could be the consequences of taking it longterm?

Anonymous said...

I,m also withdrawing from Paxil. Dizziness seems to be most aggressive. I cry from time to time, but this I can deal with. Headaches are bad, but I hope I will endure. I talked to my doctor several months ago and he said that my dosage was low enough that quitting the drug shouldn't be a problem. YEAH! Well Doc, it's not a picnic. Annoyed

Anonymous said...

I also thought I could go off paxil cold turkey.....what a nightmare. Have been on the medication for 4 years at 40 mg for anxiety...worked great for that. Tapered to 20 mg and then thought I could just quit....vomiting, dizziness, cold sweats, brain zaps.....horrible. Will go back to 20 mg and taper from there....best of luck to us all....

Anonymous said...

I have been on Paroxetine for nearly a year- it helped a lot with my anixety and panic attacks. it is nearly two weeks now since i have been trying to come off them. the doc told me to split my 20mg tablet in two and have one each day so about 10mg. the first week i was fine and releved that i was stopping this drug- i felt normal again and quite happy actually. that was until the brain zaps (splutters, electric shocks) or whatever you want to call them started. these are the worst any eye movements or moving around too much was unbearable. a soon as they would start i knew i had to lie down becouse thats the only thing that helps. i have also noticed that sleeping helps cos in the morning the brain zaps don't happen. however, you can't just drop everything and have a lie down when you want, not if you've got work and family. does anybody know how long these brain zaps will last for? please let me know.

Anonymous said...

I have been on quite a few medications but over this last year I have been taking paroxetine. Anyway, I went on holiday and long story short I went out one night and completely forgot to take my medication. One night turned into a week (I totally did not do this on purpose, I was just caught up with long days catching up with friends and family, big nights out etc. and taking my meds just completely slipped my mind) and before i knew it, i was going through some serious withdrawls. I was actually fine for a few days after not taking my meds but after that things started going downhill pretty fast. My first sign was a nosebleed. I have no idea if this is a normal withdrawl symptom or not but it was completely out of the blue and i have never had a nose bleed ever in my life. So this happened 3 times over 2 days. I kind of ignored it (idk why) and didn't connect it with not taking my meds but the next day my body started feeling really strange. My arms and legs felt disconnected from my body (if that makes sense) and my thoughts also seemed disconnected from any physical movement. I also felt like i had a heavy kind of pressure pushing against my brain and eyes. I was really unsteady on my feet and every time I got out of bed or just stood up in general i felt like i was about to face plant onto the floor. Stangely I was totally unconcerned about all of this, which looking back I fully recognise that i had a really bad case of depersonalization going on. I knew i felt bad but my thought process was starting to get so messed up that i came up with weird ideas to make myself feel better, eg. in the middle of the night, my arms and legs felt numb so to make them work properly i thought it was a good idea to wander into my parents pool in the backyard and have a swim. Fully clothed. In my pyjamas. Yeah... From there I started feeling really sick in the vomiting kind of way and ended up throwing up quite a lot. The next day after I started getting VERY emotional. I was crying at the drop of a hat, it was beyond rediculous. Everything literally felt like it was going to hell when i actually had no problems in life at the time whatsoever. I was physically and mentally exhausted and i just don't even know how to explain how bad off i felt into words. Now i know some of you might be wondering why I didn't get back onto my meds asap but i just really wasn't in the right state of mind to even connect that my going off of the meds had anything to do with what was happening. Anyway, i ended up finally going back on the paroxetine after the week of missing it and gradually got better. All because I randomly came across my meds in my bag and was like 'ohh f#ck... oops'. I understand that the paroxetine helps with my moods and such, but my reaction to coming off of it was really extreme (well atleast to me it was). It's kind of scary knowing that i cant just stop taking my meds without getting hit with some seriously crappy withdrawls. Sorry for the rambling! I just wanted to put up what happened to me incase someone goes through the same thing.

Anonymous said...

My name is Jeni and I am 24 years old have been on paxtine for the past 6 months for OCD/Anxiety and mild depression.

I feel that the medication itself worked well...that is after the 2 weeks of feeling like i was going to die... I don't wonder why alot of people don't even make it as far as the first couple of weeks because starting on this medication was seriously horrible stuff.

I was told that it was time to start coming off it after 6 months so i gradually reduced my intake over about month (i was only on 20mg a day)

As I reduced my dose the withdrawal symptoms began to set in, first I just didn't feel well, then thee dizziness started to set in, I swear i look like a robot or something when i walk (tryin as hard as possible not to make any sudden head or eye movements)it's like my vision is contnantly trying to catch up with my head and when it finally does it bounces back and fouth over and over until it finally settles leaving me with the feeling like (you knowin the cartoons when they have birds flying around their heads...sometimes stars)well that feeling(awesome...not!)the little sick feeling turned into what i can only describe as severe sea sickness, i feel like im constantly on the verge of throwing up, crying and having a major pannick attack. When ever im trying to sleep i get these noises in my head... when they first started i really thought it was a noise outside my head but it kept happening... it's like (you know the flashes on old fashion camera's) well the noise of them together with the sound of some one punching a punching bag or speed ball only really loud. My head feels like it's going to explode...

I feel sad (not just because im adjusting to less serotonin in my body) but because I have only been feeling like im going to die for the past few days and from what i've read It's supposed to last at least 2 weeks... i just don't know that i can last that long, the more i think about it the more it makes me want to cry... i don't want to feel like this any more and wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.

The doctor says if i want to come back on the medication (like if i can't deal with my anxiety etc) then i can and apparently many people do...Butim off this stuff for good now, i don't want anything to do with them any more,I can't wait for my withdrawals to end so i can feel something other than like im going to die. ive been working reduced hours at work barley making it thorugh the day, everytime i move my mouse, change a screen in a program, turn to answer some one, stand up, sit down, try to walk, try to talk, try to concentrate on anything, look for something, try to take a phone call i feel like im going to be sick/cry/have a pannick attack... it's good to read that other people have gone through the same thing though... i think the thing that pisses me off most is all these doctors saying that there aren't any withdrawal symptoms and that people are exagerating them..... i know i said to before that i wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy but i would love for one of those doctors to be going thorugh what im going through now so they could eat their words.

Peace out guys and gals, promise to repost once all my withdrawal symptoms go away.

anyone going through what im going through, hang in there mate! my thoughts are with you. *hugs*


Johnno said...

hey guys i am going off my 20mg/day paroxetine dose, its been a week and i feel like i am being electric shocked but have regained my creativity, REM sleep and now i hope i will soon get better and look for a cure for what i have. i originally saw 6 F!@#ing docs about my condition which consisted of low energy, low mood, constant fatigue. i refused antideppressants constantly but eventually gave into the dumbass gp's that basically google my symptoms. the paroxetine has made everything worse after 6months or so. my wife has left me due to my constant fatigue and unable to care or stress about anything in life (the emotional numbing of paxtine)and unable to support her in endless ways physically, emotionally and running a household cleaning cooking etc while we both work full time. i have lost my job due to the extreme fatigue i now suffer that the paxtine only made worse and the constant sick days. i was about to become a regional state assistant to the manager for a large concrete company with a high pay. i now have nothing but me and my french bulldog. i have to spend all my savings on herbal extracts designed to stimulate my kidneys and detox processes to manage the extra fatigue and withdrawl which i am happy it is working quite well . I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMEND TAKING "TABEBUIA AVELLANDAE" AND astragalus membranaceus ALONG WITH ALL THE HERB RANGE OFFERED BY FUSION HEALTH IF AVAILABLE LOCALLY. if anyone has any questions or anything regarding depression and what to do i would love to talk further. my hotmail is johnno_wp@hotmail.com.

cheers and all the best to everyone

Anonymous said...

I come to this site because my son’s doctor let him take paroxetine 4 months ago. When my friend knows about this she told me her store of her took paroxetine. She finally get rid of the paroxetine with the Chinese medicine but she had acted to suicide twice and was been sent to hospital for rescued twice. Her store scares me a lot. I went to Google paroxetine issue. What I found made me angry. My son is only 22 don’t know much about this. my friend told me that once you has taken it then you has to take a full year before come to withdrawal it. Here I want to share want I have researched.
How to withdraw:
“Liquid formulation of paroxetine is available and allows a very gradual decrease of the dose, which may prevent discontinuation syndrome. Another recommendation is to temporarily switch to fluoxetine, which has a longer half-life and thus decreases the severity of discontinuation syndrome”

“paroxetine is a treatment which helps the body by acting as an additional source of serotonin; it is not a cure for any of the conditions listed above or any other condition that a doctor may prescribe this medication to treat.”

it is better to prepare withdraw from paroxetine by building a strength to your body and your mind. A regular exercise, a balance diet and a good habit life style. I strong recommend the natural herb products from Market America that I have used for years.

I have used OPC-3 a powerful antioxidant formula for years. I start to ask my son to use it too.
I also used Vitamind, B-Complex and Fish oil. They all worked very well for me in anti-stress and mood improvement. I noticed the MA has other antidepressant products but two of them can’t be taken while you are in paroxetine.


Carl said...

I have been taking Paroxetine for about 4 years. I suffer from panic attacks and severe anxiety. I have learned to control the panic attacks a lot better since going to C.B.T (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). Now it seems that my control over Panic attacks have improved my anxiety now wants to give me a kicking. The C.B.T therapist said I should come off Paroxetine as part of the therapy. I was taking 40mg, down to 30mg for about 1 month, 20mg for 2 weeks then 10mg for about a week. It's been 4 days since my last dosage and I feel awful. Nervous almost all day, feeling like tiny little "electric shocks" passing through my body (especially when I stand up after sitting down), faint and like I'm not myself. Thanks to all of your posts for making me feel like I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

I've been on paroxetine for nearly twelve months and have been off them since Friday now Sunday. Today I am an emotional wreck, sweating crying shouting and oh my god I could kill someone!! How on earth are these drugs legal??? They are worse than drugs on the street. If the doc had told me how I would feel coming off these I would never of taken them all the badness aside tho I made myself laugh today how can you get angry with a trifle lol I did ha ha best of luck to all coming off this demon drug xxxx

Anonymous said...

Please never go cold turkey on this drug. From 20 - 24 i was on this at 40mg and when I ran out (often weekends) the withdrawal was terrible. Talk to your doctor and give yourself the proper time you need to come off this. It took me about 4 months stepping the dose down gradually but that's what you have to do. Don't expect to pump this in for years then stop and your body be ok with that.
For reference my withdrawals were dizziness, palpitations, sweating, intense tingling (like electric shocks), pretty much those described by others.

florin said...

I so glad I found these sites. Is a relieve and I am going to fight the withdraw effects of paroxetine.Taken for 4 month after quit smoking. Did not check what I was going to get into, help to fight the quit smoking effects. Now that I found the "quality” of the product I will fight to get out. Thank you for all the words you've added here, that make us united against the Drug Industry.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the brain buzz that has been mentioned in previous comments. i have been off peroxitine for about 1 week now and I keep getting this "zing zing" sound in my head everytime i move my eyes around and a small but rather unpleasent electrical shock when i move. and the worse stomach problems i have ever had. had to carry a few new undies with me when i leave the house. funniest thing is that i am now so fucking gassy, my worse anxiety is just when i am about to fart, most of the time, its wet. just want to add here that it will get better.

i seems that before peroxitine, i was a completely different person and it has been my own choice to get off. the choices for me was roll with life's or to become an emotional vegetable. my partner is very worried about the sudden ceasation of the drug but to me peroxitine was like a baseball bat to the head every morning. i literally had no feeling or emotion upstair. i was fine to do the day to day shit but man there has to be more to this life then becoming a working ant.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone I can't believe we have been aloud to take such a drug in the first place there're others.
I've been taking paroxetine for wait for it 7 years yes that long I've tried many times to come off but because if the withdrawals I've given up. But now I'm pregnant and at no stage did any doctor tell me the risks to the baby with peroxatine so on top of pregnancy symptoms I now reducing my dose from 30mg in 3 1/2 months I've managed to get to 10mg but then bam servere headaches dizziness nausea aching muscles night sweats anger and aggression
Anxiety feeling I can't cope almost desperate.
Yeah doctor says your having withdrawals you can go back to 15mg or ride the storm. 8-(
I can't believe how I feel it's shocking and worst is I feel I have to do it now for the baby as the baby will also have withdrawals if o don't! What if I can't do it what if I fail how guilty will I feel. :(
I feel for all of you have have gone cold turkey I just couldn't have done that you are all very brave.
And I wish you all the luck in your success in ridding your wonderful lives of such a horrid drug. Xx

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to share my experience so that it may help/inform others in a similar situation. I am 39 years old and from UK, I have just untaken a 4 week 'cold

turkey' withdrawal from Peroxatine after taking 60mg daily for nearly 11 years! I have to say that it has been without a doubt one of the worst experiences of my life,

the first few days were not too bad but I soon started suffering body cramps which covered my whole body, this was physically exhausting as it felt like I had been

worked out in the gym by some maniac instructor!, then at night the vivid nighmares and hallucinations started, I would drop off to sleep for a few minutes and wake

screaming like someone was smothering me, I felt like I couldn't breathe and even when awake I could not shake the fear of the dream!... Luckily my wife of 20 years

was at my side throughout this dreadful experience, the sleep problems continued for 4 weeks until one night I was able to get a full nights uninterrupted sleep, it

was heaven!! There were also the weird 'flutterings' and 'flashes' that swept through my body all the time, feelings of deep deep depression and self harm dogged me for week 2 and 3, I was begging to die by the end of week 3, its now week 5, I have had only a few verbal anger outbursts, my appetite has started to grow, I have

started to have emotion again instead of being a brain dead zombie, my sexual appetite is returning, I'm still feeling joint pain and am just over a weeks worth of

chronic bowel movements but the panic and anxiety attacks that I once had have seemingly disappeared, I realise that these could have disappeared long ago while still

under the mask of the effects of the paroxetine and that I have been taking this poison for no reason!

Some people will not advocate withdrawing like I have but I believe that the sooner I was off this drug the better!

I hope those out there suffering are in no way as bad as the way I was!

Good luck!


butterflydreamer12345 said...

all i want to know is when does the side effects go away. i hate the fact of feeling so helpless and weak and just crying over everything i just waant to be off all these crazy meds. i do not like feeling like this

Anonymous said...

Have been taking paroxetine 20 mg a day for about 3 years,had enough want to get off,cut back to 20 mg every second day for about 1 month,then 20 mg every third day for 1 month,now started 20 mg every fourth day,not feeling too bad,have the buzzing in the head after 2-3 day,bit of a headache otherwise feeling ok,the fourth day 20 mg calms everything for 1-2 days,might b worth trying this way rather than cold turkey,good luck all

Alan said...

As butterflydreamer12345 said, I would love to know how long the side effects last on average. It has been a week so far, no anxiety or depression thankfully but I have the 'brain zaps' with general dizziness, nausia & hot sweats.

Jenny said...

Thank you all for being here and sharing your experiences. I was on paroxetine for about three months and, like many of you, lost the insurance coverage and could not afford to carry it on myself... especially once the Rx ran out and no insurance meant no doc to renew it. In the three months I felt less anxiety but by no means was it gone on my 20 mg dosage. I gained 18 lbs. And sex with my new boyfriend wasn't nearly as much fun as it should have been (frustrating for both of us because he felt like he "couldn't make me happy"). The loss of insurance was the final straw. I've been off for 3 days now. Someone mentioned feeling like a "balloon head" or something like that... and that's a good description- light-headed, dizzy, earth spinning... like a googlie-eyes sticker... almost as if I'm not of this earth... perhaps floating above myself (as strange as that sounds). Against my better judgment I have driven some which, unless absolutely essential, is going to stop until this passes a bit. I've been easily irritated by small stuff- my son not getting dressed for school, a pimple, someone's bad breath, poor driving, etc. But, and again this is just day three, no anxiety or depression. I'm bracing for it. I recently read a bunch of peer-reviewed psych journal articles on CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) bibliotherapy and studies indicate that for most people this "self-help" is just as effective as the meds... but it does take time, energy, and the $16 to buy the book. I'm reading "When Panic Attacks" by David Burns. I am absolutely NOT trying to push this book... sell it... whatever. I just know, for me, there were few other options and as of right now, I'm finding the book helpful... and despite little motivation or energy to do much else I am really into it. What choice do I really have? I'm scared I'll fly into panic mode and be as miserable as I was before paroxetine. I'm determined to do this without the drug... I hope you all hang in there too. My best to you all! And again, to those who posted before me. Thank you for making me feel less alone!!!

Jen said...

Ah man I am so glad I found this site, I thought I was actually going nuts! I have been on 30mg of Paroxetine for a year now and if I ever find the docotr who prescribed me these and didn't give me the right information I may actually slit her throat! (sorry that's the withdrawals talking). I found out I was pregnant a week ago and the doctor told me that staying on these tablets could cause harm to the baby including a cleft lip which totally freaked me out so I stopped taking them cold turkey. As everyone else has said the first day or 2 were fine and then I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. I have a headache, feel sick (I can't even smeel food let alone eat it), I have hot and cold spells, wake up in the night so cold but covered in sweat (literally like I've just had a shower and got back into bed without drying first) I'm having horrible nightmates and vivid dreams, I cried for no reason today, my boyfriend told me he'd had a cigarette (he's trying to quit) and I basically ripped him a new one for it when usually I'd be quite understanding. The brains zaps are the worst though, they literally haven't stopped for 5 days now, everytime I move my eyes I get one, it's like my eyes are moving too fast for my head to react and I'm forced into a weird reality and back again in a second. Paroxetine did help with my anxiety so when I started them I thought they were a miracle but now I can see they are actually the devil, they don't CURE your anxiety they HIDE it and then when you think you're ok and ready to come off them and be a normal person again it's like someone has tied you up in a big bag and smashed you into everything they can find. I've been on so many websites hoping to find out how long this will all last but no-one seems to know....I thought I felt this bad because of my pregnancy....but pregnancy is a breeze compared to coming off of these tablets. If you want to read all the side-affects then this link is pretty good: http://pointofreturn.org/paroxetine_withdrawal.html. Good luck to you all, I hope by next week I'll be frolicking through fields of gold instead of lying in bed like a hermit!

Roar said...

Thank you for this :)

Anonymous said...

I am so angry right now, but also very thankful for everyone that has posted here.

I took paroxetine for 5 years for severe depression after a nervous breakdown, various dosages, but for the last couple of years on 40 mg a day. I ran out a couple of weeks ago, couldn't get more at the time for various reasons, and being totally sick of taking them I didn't bother to get any more when I could have.

When I first started taking this drug it was very reluctantly, and after many many discussions with my doctor about side effects and such and having trouble stopping taking it, I can quite honestly say that he never once told me that this drug was so addictive and so very hard to come off.

I don't think angry even comes close to what I'm feeling right now to be honest.

The withdrawal symptoms I'm dealing with right now are severe, but until reading everyones posts here I had no idea that's what I was going through.

I thought I was losing it.

The nausea, lightheadedness, confusion, lethargy, anxiety, terrible nightmares, lack of sleep, exhaustion, sensations of electric shocks and what I've heard described here as brain zaps, the general lack of ability to concentrate on anything, to even form a coherent thought, anger... did I say anger?.... severe anger... for no reason... so I thought... I am so upset, if I had any idea that I was going to be forced to go through this I would never, NEVER have started taking these drugs and I can't believe that my doctor prescribed them to me after I so strongly expressed my concerns to him about becoming addicted or having trouble coming off them. I wish I had never trusted him, that I had done my own research. I'll be surprised if I ever trust a doctor again after this experience.

I have an appointment with him an a couple of days and he is going to get an earful.

I'm sitting here crying... I don't cry... but right now I can't stop... what a fucked up world we live in.

Anonymous said...

I just turned 18 and ive been on this pill for a few months. I had severe anxiety and panic attacks everyday which the pill seemed to help. Since then though, ive had mood swings, dizziness and sleep haf the day away. Im crying right now because i know i will never be normal with or without the medicine. Ill have to take it my whole life and even not taking it for a week gave me withdrwl symptoms.

Anonymous said...

i took this drug for around a year it caused me to get into a fight at work i also experienced the brain freezes and rarely got erections
on the positive side it did make feel carefree less worrisome and it also helped me stop smoking crack
i just stopped taking it didnt wean off it, and went on the piss for about a week and all was well
it also may of caused severe acne on my forehead

Anonymous said...

I have been advised to go off the drug by a doctor because I want to have a baby. Even though the nausea, dizzyness and headaches are bad enough, the worst is the depression. I have been on this drug for 14 years, I have panic attacks and I am reduced to staying in bed because of the depression. The suicidal thoughts are the worst. All the time non stop.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad and upset by this site. I've been a mess since I came off paroxetine cold turkey 3 weeks ago. The withdrawal symptoms don't seem to be ending or even getting better. I'm having constant vivid dreams, waking ip sweating and having hot flushes in the day. Also the 'brain zaps' And dizziness are awful and last all Day.The worst think is the depression. I currently feel worthless and a waste of space. I'm up and down with my emotions and I keep flipping over the slightest of things. My partner said something that upset me yesterday and I began to cry hysterically and ended up punching myself in the head a few times. How bad is that? I'm also having horrible thoughts and I'm dealing with all this as well as trying to be a mum. I'm going back to the doctors on Monday to see if they can offer anything else to make me feel better. I'm so angry as I would never have started taking paroxetine had I known it was such a dangerous drug. I'd rather have a panic attack any day over this. Some doctors have alot to answer for.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading all the experiences you have all been having! The same as mine. I have been on paroxatine for about 6 years, divorce, a cheating wife, involving 3 children. The paxil really helped me with anxiety and dealing with this difficult time in my life, so I don't consider it evil, as many of you have called it. I do call the side effects or withdrawl effects evil. I have only been off, cold turkey for about 10 days. I am going to do it! I am going to fucking do it!

I have had very vivid dreams, and very realistic. As I analyze my dreams the following morning, I can't believe how memorable, and detailed they were. It was like a 8 hour horror reality trip of some sort. The dreams are truly hysterical, I don't mind the dreams.

My sexual appetite has gone up the roof! I am a good man, and some of the thoughts I have had and the urges I feel are out of control! I have to be careful - I have a wonderful wife and children, so I have to recognize the thoughts and sexual tension I feel is the withdrawl effects, not that I am an evil, sex crazed man!

The dizziness, nausea, and GI issues are literally the shits! I have found myself crying too, but I think this means some of my hidden, masked emotions from the drug are finally being released again. I look at that as a good thing. I need to feel more, even though so much of the feelings in life suck, are sad, and make me want to strangle certain individuals. I do not want to be on this drug for the rest of my life, so I am going cold turkey.

It sucks, it is a ride, it is painful, but we all can do it! Let's do this, Let's hang in there and get our true selves back. We just need to deal with our anxiety, depression, and psychosis in more healthy manageable ways.

I am glad that this medicine has helped me, but I want to help myself now. I think I have processed much of the pain of the divorce, and separation from my children. I still have visitation with them. I can still have a positive influence in their lives. I can be happy without that selfish bitch that I divorced. I am happy, and coming off this damn drug will make things even better. Life is so hard, but we can do it with family, friends, and especially God.

Good luck to all of us. Let me know how you are doing.

I am out!

storm20 said...

I have been on Paroxetine for 15 yr, I have been taking 20g a day, last week decided to cut back to just 20m a day, the other week, I had aching bones, was so bad,
I had the trots, wondering if anyone else has this problem,

Anonymous said...

I have been on Paroxetine for 11 years due to panic attacks. I began taking 40mg/day and over the years have decreased down to 10mg. This drug has resulted in me having absolutley ZERO libido, weight gain (15kg) and destroyed my memory. I began by tapering off by taking 10mg every second day for ten days then 10mg every third day for another ten days THEN cold turkey. I thought I was tapering off responsibly but by Jesus was I wrong. day 1 & 2 drug free were fine but by the end of day 3 I was a mess. I experience dizziiness, nausea, diarrhoear, extreme night sweats, nighmares, extreme depression, extended crying episodes and overall not a barrell of fun to be around. My poor old dad took me up to the emergency department thinking I was 'losing my shit'. By day 10, four GP'S later, 2 social workers and 2 telephone calls to emergency psychiatrists it was decided to put me on 5mg day. I was hell bent on not taking this drug again as I had made it to day 10 without killing myself and wanted so badly to be free from this drug. Within 24 hours of taking this tiny little 5mg piece of tablet the withdrawal symptoms subsided substantially.

I am a 4th year psychology student and consider myself very level headed and relaxed but trying to come of paroxatine truly gave me a run for my money. This drug does not discriminate and has no mercy. It has the shortest half life of any other SSRI medications on the market therefore it enters and exits the body the fastest resulting in a higher case of withdrawal symptoms.

It is my suggestion, if possible, to try to taper off your medication as slowly as possible and avoid the herendous withdrawals. Yes, I do feel like a little drugy sitting at the kitchen table using a pill cutter to cut these tiny little tablets into quarters and it astounds me when I look at these tiny little pieces of cut up pills and how they make such a huge impact on my mental health but that is proof of how sensitive the body can be to medication.

I plan on reducing my intake further in a few weeks once I stabilise. (Paroxitine is available in a liquid form as well as I dont think I am going to have much luck cutting my tablets into 1/8ths) and slowly but surley within 3-6 months I should be sucessful.

The withdrawals are terrible and you can at times feel like you are going crazy and need to be admitted into a mental hospital. Just remind yourself that it is just the drug fighting you to regain control and your body fighting to level the seratonin levels in your brain.

Everything that enters the body must leave.

Find comfort in the fact that there are so many people out there that have either gone through or still going through what you are going through. Try to taper off as slow as you can. The intense withdrawals should subside within 2-3 weeks. Keep in contact with a medical professional. Like everything in life...It will pass.

Anonymous said...

I went from 20mg for two years down to 10mg. this is very tough. I am in a high pressure job and its kicking my ass. I have a tingling feeling in my jaw and my eyes feel like they are floating. Dizzy spells lapses in focus at different times of the day. emotionally I feel ok besides horrible nightmares. Tell anyone not to take this poison into their body. I am going to get through this by lowering my expectations for myself until I kick this stuff. What a f%$#^&% pain in the ass this is. These meds dull our brains and make us walking zombies.

moobaby5 said...

I understand the anger.

I also understand the immense relief at having found this page and several others tonight once the ball started rolling.

Am I the only one who has been taking 60mg (3 pills) a day? I am almost envious of those of you taking 20, but then I'm all too aware that the 'discontinuation syndrome' or side effects of giving up are pretty much the same going by what I've read. The same amount of pain, and possibly the same time frame to get this shit out of our systems.

I'm livid. I can't even begin to explain just how furious I am that I have been filling my body with this crap for almost 17 years now.

I started just after an emergency thyroidectomy when my son was 12 months old. He's now 18 and a half. Progressively the doctors have increased and increased the dosage due to the problems I was having. Depression that didn't go away. Feelings of no self worth. Major anxiety, agoraphobia. My son has several disabilities, ASD, ODD, ADHD. I quit my entire life, home schooled him, made damn sure that he was not going to end up in 'the system'. But now I'm on my own. It's time to sort my mental health stuff out.

Only to find this drug, paroxetine, has actually been CAUSING a lot of my mental health issues. I feel like I'm going insane! I feel like I can't talk about how I feel because none of my symptoms match each other, or any 'disorder/illness' (apart from going insane!)

How many doctors have I spoken to over the years about this stuff? These side effects? The weight gain that made no sense; the lability when I should be happy and content in life; the complete loss of interest in sex; the constant migraines; the constipation; the overproduction of sweat; the inability to string a sentence together; the loss of normal cognitive function (funny how I can say that, but I can't think of the 3 letter word I wanted to use instead), simply put, I walk towards something intent on some action or another, completely forget what I've gone there for, end up doing a million other things, in the mean time, I've forgotten I was on the phone, forgotten I had dinner in the oven, forgotten I was in the middle of something else, and several hours have passed; sleep...oh how I can sleep! Anger, always angry, agitated, panic attacks, anxiety.

The list goes on.

So a few months ago, the psych suggests a change in meds. I refuse because I have been thru the withdrawals/DT's from this vile drug before, and have never forgotten how I nearly lost my mind.

I tell them the only way I'll ever do another change is if I am admitted to the hospital.

But I am far too proud for that! So many times when I have missed a tablet, missed 2 days, 3 days, and I am writhing on my bed in dizzy nauseated agony, I have very nearly called an ambulance. But I can't be having them turn up. I can't be having people see it. I can not leave my animals. There is nobody else to care for them, because over the years I have either pushed them all away, or they have skipped out on me due to my miseries.

moobaby5 said...

Part two

I have collapsed several times over the years. And I have never had anyone to help me through it. I simply go to bed, with my little collection of pills: my paroxetine, my anti nausea pills, my headache/pain pills...and my vomit bucket. And there I lay for the next few days until 'this too has passed'.

I beg the doctors for help. What's wrong with me? What's going on with me?

Not once in 17 years has any doctor or health professional told me that the symptoms I am having are a side effect of either taking, or missing a dose of this little white tablet that was supposed to make my life better, bring me up to the same arena as everyone else 'out there in normal land'.

Never once did I stop to think this pill is actually causing more problems than it's fixing. Making my life a living hell.

Catch 22 isn't it? Take the damn thing, religiously, ritualistically, at the same time, every single day...

You know, this same pill that is causing you this debilitating memory problem you have, the one that makes you forget to take the damn pill!

So then, like so many who have written here before me, I have run out of paroxetine. It's 4 days before payday. I think I can make it. For 4 days I am bumping into walls because I am unable to keep my balance. I'm violently ill. I'm angry all the time. Little things set me off. I'm lightheaded and have to move very slowly so that the mush that is my brain can move at the same pace as my physical body. Otherwise it takes me forever to focus again. I am incredibly fatigued, but then I can not sleep. The night terrors I've been having for months now have me to the point I am becoming quite terrified of the sun going down. Night times are so much worse. The bad thoughts, the nightmares, the inability to stop the past rearing it's ugly head and the howling until my eyes and throat are constricted.

And I am having spasms in my hands and arm down my right side. I can't type because my thumb will slam down on keys and I get frustrated that I have to go back and fix it all up. Using my mobile phone to text is incredibly stressful for that same reason.

The world wont stop spinning. I just want to get off. My head is itchy. I have to have the fan on to sleep, but if I sleep outside the covers I am shivering in cold chills, but the moment I put the covers on I am in a pool of sweat. So much so the bedding is saturated.

I am today given Prozac. The chemist tells me this is the same drug. I freak out! I have gone thru 4 days of the DT's only to be given the same drug?

But when I google it, I realise it's the same family but slightly different, and I can be on it whilst coming off the paroxetine without the side effects of this 'discontinuation syndrome'. At least that's the plan. Prozac has 2 other benefits that paroxetine doesn't have. It doesn't make you gain weight, in fact it apparently has a possibility of weight loss, and secondly it stays in your body longer, making the withdrawals less likely. Apparently!

I'm so glad I found this page. And I wish you all a speedy withdrawal and nothing but happiness and contentment paroxetine free.

moobaby5 said...

I'm leaving this post for the many many people who have desperately wanted to know how long these withdrawal symptoms last.

I'm now on day 6 of 'almost' stopping cold turkey.

I haven't had a paroxetine in that time, but I have had 3 low dose prozac tablets.

I wasn't going to take anything. I want to live my life drug-free. However, the problem of my past still exists. I still need to find closure. I am now booked into a psychologist who will work with me to do this. I will take the prozac until I need it and then I will be free of that too.

So, the withdrawal symptoms I've had so far:

Day one slightly dizzy and head spinny. Nauseaus. Somnolance (wanting to sleep all the time).

Day two extremely ill. Thrashing about in bed in hot and cold sweats/chills, room spinning, massive headaches, head zaps, brain mush, inability to focus or move my head unless very slowly, or I'll vomit. Anger, irritability, snapping for no reason. The right side of my body has a mind of it's own. My thumb moves uncontrollably. I can't stand light, or noise. I go to bed with my stemetil (anti nausea drug), panadeine forte, and my sick bucket.

Days three and four are much the same. I attempt to see my Dr on day 3. I should NOT be driving but I have to get there. I wait an hour past my appointed time feeling like I'm about to pass out on the floor, or vomit everywhere. I lose my cool and tell the girl at the desk that the waiting time AFTER the appointment time is ridiculous and I'm too bloody sick to sit there waiting any longer. There are still 3 people to be seen ahead of me. I walk out.

I see the doctor the next day. I have taken a tablet to steady the nausea and lightheadedness in my brain. Why do I even HAVE this drug in my house? Because I have had over a decade of unexplained nausea and dizziness. Only now I know why! Constant withdrawals of paroxetine because I never remember to take it at the same time every day.

I tell him I want to change drugs. I tell him I've been cold turkey for 4 days at this stage. He writes me a script for fluoxetine, tells me it's a slightly different drug. I am relieved when he says it doesn't have the same side effects OR withdrawal symptoms.

I get to the chemist. They tell me it's Prozac (I freak out), they tell me it's the same type of drug (I freak out again). The chemist does not know why the doctor has changed my medication to this drug. I will go in armed with information later and inform them!

I take the Prozac when I get home. I'm so desperate for these symptoms to stop I take another one about 12 hours later. I know it's low dose, I know I'll be ok, I just want to get it into my system quickly!

Almost instantly I feel better.

I get to the stage I can get back on the computer to read more about these drugs. I am increasingly alarmed at what I and thousands, if not millions of other people have been put through, with absolutely no consent, no informed choice.

I read somewhere that it's like coming off cocaine. I think of the writhing in agony on my bed. The bed saturated in sweat. The feeling so sick I don't know if I should call an ambulance, and then not being able to see the numbers to dial anyway because I can't focus and the room is flying around me.

I made a choice for my life as a child. I have never taken illegal/illicit drugs, not once, I've never even been tempted. I have lived my life trying to be the best person I can possibly be. I give to others. I am genuine and loving and gererous.

And yet here I am, going thru the DT's in a situation out of my control. And I am all alone. And fuck I am scared!

So day 5 and this is how I felt:

a) I had a LOT more energy than I have done in a long time.

moobaby5 said...

b) I did NOT want to sleep all the time.

c) The dizziness has eased but is still there. I still have to move very slowly to stop the head zaps.

d) I still have a horrible headache and have to avoid light and sound.

e) I now have diarrhoea. But that's ok, after years and years of constipation I'm ok with that!

f) I actually feel like I have lost weight (even before the diarrhoea kicked in).

g) I'm still incredibly teary and will cry at the drop of a hat.

h) I feel 'lighter' in my mood. Like I'm in some way more like the person I used to be many years ago before all this.

i) I am definitely stronger emotionally, but that could be because I'm fueled by anger at what I've discovered. I am very strong and can achieve almost anything when I'm anger based.

j) The head zaps are still there, but you learn to control them by not moving.

k) The uncontrollable body movements are still there. I've practically given up using my mobile phone. I am constantly having to fix errors writing this.

l) The body itches are still there. But it's not debilitating.

m) My body is still fairly weak. But I keep moving to keep the muscles from seizing completely, just like I've always done.

n) I can not handle certain foods or drinks. I can get very nauseated very quickly. My tastebuds have changed a lot.

o) My memory is still really bad. I still find myself getting distracted only to come back hours later to see something I was intently in the middle of much earlier in the day. I still can not remember something I was told only 5 minutes ago. I don't remember names, places, and my personal memories of times and places is still hit and miss.

p) The sexual dysfunction that comes with the territory appears to be disappating with a vengeance.

q) Overall, I am feeling MUCH better today at the beginning of day SIX than I have been all week. But I am still not in a position to operate a car or do much other than sleep or at least rest.

moobaby5 said...

My personal opinion based on what I have read here and on other sites, is that going cold turkey off Paroxetine is the best way. You're going to feel the effects of withdrawal no matter what you do. I mean, haven't we all been feeling it on an almost daily basis unless we were organised enough to take the pill at the exact same time, every day, religiously? Those who sit there quartering, halving, even chipping a tiny piece off, waiting 2 weeks, repeating that process, I say to you, why prolonge what is inevitable? Why prolonge the misery, the pain, the sickness?

I would also recommend (and I am NOT a doctor, just someone who in my personal opinion is highly qualified to talk about this given I've suffered for so long), that you swap the Paroxetine for a Fluoxetine medication. Fluoxetine apparently does NOT have a Discontinuation Syndrome. You can quit Fluoxetine cold turkey with no side effects, even if it is suggested to wean off over a course of a couple of weeks.

The minute you start taking Fluoxetine, your Paroxetine withdrawals diminish. The relief is almost instant.

You will need to continue the Fluoxetine for a matter of months before the Paroxetine is completely out of your system. If you stop taking the Fluoxetine and get side effects of withdrawal, you are probably still coming off the Paroxetine that will still be in your body.

It's all about something called 'half life's'. I don't understand it, but things have 2 'half lifes'. The first is about the rate at which the drug leaves your body initially, ie the very short lifespan Paroxetine works against those things it was prescribed for (and for most people that's less than 24 hours, some as short as 12, hence the constant feelings of withdrawal/sickness). The second is apparently about how long the withdrawal symptoms stay in your body, and this can be months.

If there's a chemist/psych on board who can correct me I'm anxious to understand this better.

I guess my last recommendation is simply this:

Be kind to yourself. You aren't going insane. Even though none of the symptoms you have been feeling have matched up with each other, you are NOT a hypocondriac. You are justified in every dizzy spell, every day you couldn't stop sweating, every moment of confusion.

Nobody told us.

You are ok! We all just need to get off this evil drug. And make sure nobody else ever starts taking it.

There are so many more meds out there that can be prescribed for everything Paroxetine will do, without the pain of withdrawal.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) has stated that Paroxetine is THE DRUG THAT HAS THE WORST DISCONTINUATION SYNDROME! It should be avoided at all costs.

Thank you for listening. All my spare positive energy to you who are suffering.

Anonymous said...

Im on day 4, I really want to come off and start 2012 drug free and I want more childran with my partner.

Im getting the giddy spells, like spinning round and stopping, but my heads still nodding and my eyes take about 5 secs to focus. Im having odd dreams, nothing nasty, and Im not botherd by this at all, though it has effected my driving. Im so determind to do this, I go teh gym when I get angrey, I take a walk when I feel like Im gonna exploded. Im a very happy person before i took this. The 1 thing I dont like is the feeling of being out of my body, watching tv with the family and Im looking at the tv at a diffrent angle, rather then looking face on Im looking above it. Anyway I hope these dont last long and everyone here gets through it. What was my doctor thinking!! Oh thats right, he was only there for 6 months!! Take care everyone and stay strong.

kiwigirl79 said...

I would have never said yes to taking this shit if I had any idea of the side affects of coming off it, I have had all the side effects mentioned and I after this nightmare of getting off these is over I will be doing alot more research into what I am actually putting into my body.
Paroxitine has ruined my life this is one drug that is not worth the trouble believe me!!! I would rather be a bit depressed than have these side effects

aussie gal said...

i have been on this horriable drug for near 5 years 20 mg very day without fail due to debilatating panic attacks, 5 days cold turkey today and am screaming out for heelllpppp. i am so unwell, heart pulpatations,dizzy,nausea, sweating,hungry all the time,metalic taste in my mouth,trouble concentrating, bad bad temper,sleeping has totally gone out the window,walking to the corner store is impossiable, can't focus my eyes nor move my head with feeling like i am going to faint or vomit. I have a script that i can fill but i am determined to get off this stuff.... Please how long will these withdrawls last and what can i do to feel better, is there a natural remedy i could take???? please help me i'm going crazy and so is my young family and husband...

moobaby5 said...

I lasted almost a week before being able to get myself to a doctor, who prescribed a low dose lovan, which is Prozac. This drug took away almost ALL of my discontinuation syndrome side effects. I felt better within about 6 hours of taking it. I then came off it by simply stopping it when I felt I was ready, when I felt it had been long enough for the symptoms to pass. Otherwise, cold turkey AND lowering doses, the craziness can and does, last months. The low dose lovan saved my life coming off the paroxetine. I am now off all of it. My anxiety is at it's peak, but I don't have any of the side effects of the paroxetine itself, OR any of the discontinuation syndrome I had for 10 years because I simply could not take the drug religiously at the same time every day.

kiwigirl79 said...

So after my 3rd attempt to wean myself off the evil paroxitine which I failed I switched my medication from 30 mg of paroxitine to 30mg of fluoxetine and omg!!!! I feel like a person again I have a very minor side effects compared to the very debilitating ones I had with just trying to slowly wean off evil paroxitine. This change has made such a difference and I didn't have to go through the excruciating withdrawal symptoms. PLEASE!!!! NEVER TAKE PAROXITINE!!!! There must be other options it has taken my so many attempts to actually get off them.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 38 year old kiwi lady. I was about 23 when I started on paroxetine and I've been taking it during the last 15 years. I have successfully come off 2 or 3 times during that time without too much trouble, that I can remember. My memory seriously deteriorated not long after starting this drug too, so please bear with me.

The last time I came off, about 2006, I went cold turkey and I'm pretty sure I replaced my paroxetine with St John's wort, wanting to go natural instead. I remember not having any withdrawals and thinking it was miracle.

I'm now trying to wean off again, the slow horrible way. Unfortunately I can't test SJW on myself because I'm 10 weeks pregnant. SJW is not recommended during pregnancy.

I saw a new doctor in the new year with the intention of trying a different med (I just remember that). After some discussion, which included my partner and me trying were to get pregnant again (managed to have first kid between taking meds), he up'd my dose from 20mg to 40mg of paroxetine. I settled on 30mg. But NO check done to see if I could take it if pregnant.

Since then I've gotten pregnant, had the worst morning sickness where I'm naseous and throwing up everything all the time, horrible withdrawls, a two year old terror, and now we have a mite infestation in our kitchen. All end of the world stuff for me.

Anyway, do not rush out try some St John's Wort because there are loads of warnings and interactions with other meds. Consult with your doctor or, in my case, some who actually knows about the damn drug.

WI USA said...

I read this blog last June / July when, after 40mg for 15 years, I decided to take the trip. The one thing I noticed was that after it was over (it will end), no one ever posted again.

The thing everyone wants to know is "How long do I have to endure this"? I had very little bad response for the 1st week. After that, I experienced all that you have read above . . . It was the hardest thing I've ever done. In my case, it got tolerable after about 7 weeks (sorry). Somewhere around 15-16 weeks, all symptoms were gone.

Everyone is different. I hope your journey is better than mine was. I wish you luck in your battle but want you to know there is a door at the other end.

Anonymous said...

I've been on paroxetine for almost a year now and gone off it sporadically and never really intentionally (usually I just don't have enough money to buy the pills or see the doctor). Nobody told me about the withdrawals, instead I slowly discovered them for myself.
After being on it for a month I stopped, thinking I was okay. For months I was constantly dizzy and never made the connection. I'm off it right now (again, unintentionally, I just don't have time to see the doc with exams a few days away).
I know the routine of withdrawals now; I'm fine for the fist two or three days, and then, suddenly, I get hot and sweaty and unbelievable dizzy and I realise the withdrawals have started.
Out of nowhere I get a lump in my throat and break down crying and it may only last 10 minutes but I feel like my whole world has just caved in on itself.
I can't focus, I can't study, I can barely stand, but worst I become scarily apathetic. I become very harsh and mean towards my boyfriend and tease his commitment to me - and while I know my actions are unfair, and something I am only going to regret - I cant help but do it. It's almost as if I am willing manipulating him and quietly breaking him down, and I hate that I do it but at the same time I cant stop it. And on that note, rather worryingly, I take some satisfaction in being off the pills because I'm finally able to experience real anger and sadness. My emotions go to the extreme rather than the mediocre feelings I get on paroxetine and I feel somewhat content by this.
However, as fun and dark, up and down, and raw being off the drug makes me feel, its all unproductive, irresponsible and selfish. So I take the drug because I figure it makes me more of an adult, more rational, more in the way of thinking like a successful individual would, much less selfish and much more bearable. It means I keep my boyfriend, and my grades, and my friends, and life becomes a much steadier line to walk, rather than the hills and valleys you run and fall without the drug.

... Plus, the headaches and dizziness are too damn severe that your eventually begging for the pill.

Tara W. said...

Here I am at Day 7: I started the Paroxitine about 4 years ago just because I could not deal with work. I wish I never started it! I went under doctor supervision and started with Dose 37.5 and decreased to .5mg. When I ran out of the pills my doc said I was going to go threw some hards things in my head, but to stay strong and I would be fine. WTF, I had no idea what she meant by that but now I do. Just like anonymous stated I feel dizzy, never connected to the world like my feet are floating. And the brain zaps, how to describe those is something out of a horror movie. It feels like electic shock therapy without the pain. But headaches do follow. The worst is not controling my emotions, my temper, and my tears. God, I cry literly over spilled milk. I have been pushing my husband and children away because of my temper. I feel out of sync with the world and with myself. But.... its worth it! When the medicine and withdraws are completely out of my system I will be my self again. Not this mindless zombie who has been wondering around for years. I give CHEERS to those who live through this, survive it, and are still fighing. Im right there with you and your not alone.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm thinking of comming off paroxetine. Been on it 6 years for OCD and anxiety. Was on 60mg now on 30mg. I'm also on 60mg a day methadone and withdrawing from occasional heroin use. Judging by all thats written here I'm not so sure I want to now!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys just looking for advice, I'm 40mg at the moment but had the great idea a week ago that I was fine and would stop taking it. Off and on I have been on either paroxetine or fluoxetine for 16 years now. I currently can not even stand up becaus ethe dizziness is so bad. I am having vivid dreams, that unfortunately I can still recall, and night sweats.I can't even lift a bottle of water because it makes me so dizzy I dry retch. Is this normal???

moobaby5 said...

I'm so sorry you're going through all this.

Firstly, no, none of this is normal. But I guess it's typical of paroxetine withdrawal. I'm not a doctor, so I don't have the answers. Who am I kidding? Doctors got us into this mess in the first place!

All I can say, from personal experience, is that I managed the symptoms by taking other meds that weren't addictive for each thing when it was bad enough (yes I know they are all bad enough all the time, but you have to be prepared for a lot of it and just take the edge off. You don't want to replace one addiction with another bad habit).

For the dizziness and nausea, you can get stemetil or maxalon. For the night terrors you can try an old fashioned anti-histamine called Periactin. It's been proved (and worked for me!) to stop night terrors. I was instructed to take it for 5 nights running. Take it early, it will knock you out.

I don't know of anything that will stop the shakes or the zapping. But overtime it DOES get better!

And this is another thing that worked for me:

I was prescribed a small, low dose of lovan, which is another name for prozac I think. It removed the effects of paroxetine discontuation syndrome almost instantly. It is, of course, another antidepressant/anxiety medication. However it isn't addictive (so I was told). You take it for a month or so and simply come off it. No side effects. And it worked!

However in my own case, I STILL had anxiety/depression. So after 6 months of being totally medication free (after being on Paroxetine for 10 years), I ended up going back on, and taking the lovan every day. Still on the low dose and I feel MUCH better. The few side effects at the start have improved. I'm still not 100% but I am a damn side better than what I was and I can function again now.

Anonymous said...

Hi All..... Now into day 5 of abstinence .... I can honestly say that to date the only symptom i am experiencing is the OH SO VIVID nightmares..... like when i wake i can recall each and every detail unlike normal dreams ..... no doubt i will go on to experience other symptoms.... what's worrying is that a new prescription for the drug lies waiting at my doctors .... good luck and god bless to all fellow sufferers

Anonymous said...

This is for everyone wondering how long the symptoms last.
Firstly, I have no medical training and of course you should refer to a licensed doctor in dealing with medications. Everyone will respond differently and how you go about getting off this stuff and handling your withdrawal symptoms means that your results will vary.

With that said, in my instance, the first week after stopping was the worst. I can’t imagine having to go to work that week. It was miserable, however, after the first 3 days or so, things started improving. Going into week two, the symptoms were less intense and occurred less often with each day. Although your symptoms may hang around awhile, they will fade and become more bearable with each passing day.

In my case, I made the choice to stop this stuff. I didn’t feel that I needed it anymore. I used to take 6 pills a week. Last Spring, started to take only 3 per week. I did this for about 2-3 months. Then I stopped taking them altogether. I last pill I took was Sun. I started feeling the symptoms on Tues. Both Tues/Weds I felt absolutely awful and pretty much stayed in bed all day. On Thurs/Fri the symptoms were just very slightly less intense. Sat/Sun just a tiny bit better. Going back to work on Monday was a little tough, but I muddled through well enough. Each day is better little by little.

The first week was very, very tough, but I am so very glad I made the choice. I already feel so very much better, more energized and more “me”. Going into week three, symptoms are few and rare. I can’t tell you how glad I am I got off that crap. I feel so much better all around!

Anonymous said...

As far as dealing with symptoms, I did a bit of online searching and used a bit of common sense. I highly recommend that you take at least a week off of work when you actually stop. Two weeks would be even better, if you can swing it. Remember the symptoms will be most intense when you first get off, so take a look through the suggestions below and get stocked up on things you may need first. You probably won’t feel like driving or running to the store for at least the first 2-3 days.

Also consider the time of year. A lot of people tend to fall into depression in autumn and around the holidays. If you’re one of them, choose another time of year to quit such as spring or summer. Consider easing yourself off by cutting pills or taking every other day until then. After 2-3 months, cut the dose again if you feel it’s not a good time to fully stop yet.

Dizziness: I was hit by this really hard the first few days. There were times I staggered out of bed with the balance of someone who had just chugged a case of beer. I read that St Johns Wort had helped someone, so I bought a bottle. I took one pill 3 times a day when the dizziness seemed its worst. As the symptom faded (going into week 3), I dropped it down to 1-2 times a day.

Nausea: I bought some pills for Nausea, but when I took them, even if they helped a slight bit, it seemed to cause some acid reflux. I wound up only taking 2 of these. I may have done better having something like Rolaids around instead. After reading up, I found that eating small portions of easily digestible foods helped. Things that worked for me was soup (especially Lipton Cup o Soup, which is 6 ounces, 50 calories and only takes a minute or so to make if you have a microwave or hot water handy), cheese, water, non-acidic juice (I saw apple juice suggested, I bought grape juice), dry whole grain cereal (like original cheerios). Other things I thought would be good (but I’m not found of), pudding, jello, yogurt, applesauce, saltines. One person suggested oatmeal, which I did not try. I also remember a friend of mine who would take baby food to weekend horse shows where she wanted something fast, low cal, small portioned and somewhat healthy that did not require heating or refrigeration. I would think baby food was in small portions and somewhat healthy, but I did not try this route either. I avoided sugars and limited caffeine, cutting down to no more than one 12 oz can of soda per day max (soda usually helps with my Nausea if I eat too much). The biggest thing is to remember to eat small portions, you may experience a lot of Nausea in the first few days and overeating usually makes it worse.

to be continued

Anonymous said...

Dehydrated: I kept a bottle of spring water handy at all times. Sip it sparingly. I felt thirsty all the time and drinking too much made me feel nauseous. Also, the more you drink, the more you’ll be staggering to the bathroom.

Sweating: Have some extra sheets and blankets handy. It stinks to lay on wet sheets when you feel so awful. If you don’t already have a mattress protector on your bed, get one! You may want to keep a dry wash cloth or towel nearby, too. You may sweat profusely at times. Due to the dizziness, I tended to opt for taking a bath rather than a shower for the first few days.

Chills: I had the great fun of sweating, then getting chills whenever I ate. So I made sure to keep extra blankets on/near the bed and sofa.

Diarrhea: I went through actual diarrhea only once, but definitely had less than normal movements for the first week. I let it run its course, but I suppose you could take something for this if you wanted to.

Zapping/shakes: I think the St Johns Wort may have been to help this, too, but can’t remember for sure. Like the other symptoms, this will also decline in the number of times it happens and the intensity.

I forget why it was mentioned to take fish oil. I already take it, but I began taking in twice a day instead of just once. I also added a B complex in the evening (I take a multi-vitamin in the morning).

Stay strong and don’t look back once you decide to stop. Take it one day at a time. You can get through it and it will get better. It IS worth it to get off this crap! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Omg this prescribed drug changes peoples lives like mine for the better. My life is 1000 times better without panic attacks since the age of 11 and now im 35 and can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who really needs it and not those people who think they might be slightly depressed or anxious but for those who do have a real chemical imbalance this is def the drug to turn your life around.

Anonymous said...

Feb 2013. I am laying in bed feeling so sorry fo myself as my son and partner have gone off to the theatre.(I too was meant to go) For the last 3 months I have been trying to get off the drug seroxat. Headaches, dizziness violent mood swings, lethargy, feelings of hatred and inadequency plus many many more suicidal and negative emotions. Every time I move my head I get the feeling of a rush of air travelling through my brain, I am unable to coordinate my movements, and thoughts and feel so totally useless and unstable. I have been taking 20mg of seroxat each day for the past 12 years and from day one started becoming addicted to alcohol. Have started a new job so felt the time was right to come off this drug. If only it were so easy. Started by cutting down to half a tablet every day then half every other day, I then crushed half a tablet and took a small bit every morning. Now nothing. I hate everyone, shout, scream and want to die. My new doctor says it will get better, just have to see it through. This time I am determined to never take this evil drug again. I hope that eventually the people I have been rude to will recognise that my outbursts wers related to the withdrawal effects of this drug. Readind all these comments have helped me feel I am not going nuts and hopefully will soon be leading a more fulfilling life off this addictive drug.

Danny Bennett said...

I have been taking Paroxetine since 2004. I tried stopping a few times. I have also made some really poor choices in how I exited the drug.

Two things definitely do not work: going cold turkey and using beer/alcohol as a substitute.

From my personal experience I can say that drinking beer probably flushes much of the Paroxetine from your system.

In July of 2011, after about 3 weeks of severe withdrawal from Paroxetine I started taking it again. I was bedridden, depressed and pondering suicide. The withdrawal was much more severe than my life was from before taking the drug.

My original reason for taking Paroxetine was for agoraphobia. Going cold turkey caused that to come back in a really bad way. I felt as though I were continuously falling, even when laying down to sleep at night; which really screwed up my sleep schedule.

Anyway, after going back onto Paroxetine back in July of 2011 I also changed my lifestyle. I started exercising and juicing. My blood pressure went from 145 to 120/70. I also went from 218 lbs to 196 lbs.

It's now March of 2013. I've been juicing for almost 2 years.

Recently, within the last 3 months I added beets to my juicing recipe. Beets is one of the strongest natural antioxidants. Well, in the last few months my withdrawal symptoms have started coming back. I have had quite a bit of stress as well. I have been taking the Paroxetine ritualistically so that's not it.

It seems to be that some combinations of conditions can cause the Paroxetine to either become less effective or to be flushed from the system. I suspect the antioxidants because of their natural tendency to bind to toxins and release them into the urine.

Anyway, hopefully this information helps someone out there.

Anonymous said...

I have been on paxtine for a year for bi-polar and severe anxiety and have come off it cold turkey quite a few times and then went running back to the doctor in quite a mess begging for more because I couldn't handle the withdrawals. I have been off it again for a few days now and having all the side effects- nightmares, sweating, shakes, dizziness, brain zaps, fatigue, nausea, mood swings etc. but I also found while on the drug I lost my sex drive completely, gained weight, felt no emotions, loss of memory and motivation. This is putting a lot of pressure on my relationship and at work too as I get angry easily . I don't think any of these drugs are a 'cure' and doctors should not be prescribing them , instead offer counselling services, group program's or natural options. Unfortunately most people don't like to deal with our illness so it's easier just to pump drugs in to us. I hope the side effects don't last too long and I can stop myself from going back on them

Anonymous said...

i have been on paroxetine for 1 year - went on it for Post natal - i have been weaning off for 3 weeks now and am starting to feel the head dizziness and a bit frazzled. but i am holding on and not giving in I will come off this drug and i will get the better of it!

i think the best thing for everyone is to wean off it slowly and u may get a little side effect but not as bad as if you just go cold turkey..

Anonymous said...

Christ just having what seems like a severe case of withdrawal. Been on 60mg of paroxetine for a good few years now with great results and have not taken my dose for 4 days. Woke up last night after a wierd nightmare where i could not escape and even after i still seemed like i was in it. Now morning and i feel anxious, a bit mad, angry, not sure if things are real, everything is winding me up, shivers, depressed, dizziness. Just taken my dose now so hope it soon passes.

Anonymous said...

I have been on paxil for about 5 years...20 mg up until last july and it was upped to 40 (i had a few tragic and traumatic events happen within a couple months so my dosage was upped) over the years there had been a few times I went a couple to a few days without it and I def felt the super dizziness and jitters along with a headache, and realized I hadent picked up my refill so picked it up and went on with my life..i recently stopped cold turkey about a week and a couple days ago...was doing fine until a few days ago when I started feeling nauseas...and food started sounding gross to me. I have had no appetite and have wanted to puke everywhere...I finally threw up yesterday afternoon and still want to throw up right now. the dizziness started up today too...I thought it would get better as the days go on but I feel worse. I am determined to stick this out.....I have kicked opiode cold turkey months ago...I will get through this. Remind yourself that it is the Paxil withdrawl making you feel this way...you are stronger and you will win! Ask your doctor what all your options are before taking pharmecuticals...I dont want to take pills the rest of my life....dont let the doctors suck you into the vicious cycle they have created.

sm said...

My gf has come of paroxitine after after being on it for 10 years. I have lived with her for 4 years. I didnt even know about it until she came home one day about 3 months ago in mini mental breakdown due to not having any. She says the GP has refused to give her any anymore and they have advised counselling which she refuses to do. I dont even know why she was on it. Our relationship is really suffering. One day she is happy to see me and everything is normal. The next day she hates me and is begging for space. Like complete personality flip. She won’t talk to me for a day or 2 and has continuous mood swings. I cant handle it anymore, I want to help but she wont talk about it with me. Everytime I bring it up she tries her hardest to change the subject. Our entire life plan has changed, we wanted to buy a house together before and had actual plans. Now all she says is she needs to figure out who she is and needs space. Its like shes a completely different person. I dont know how to handle the situation …all I know is I am not handleing it well.

Anonymous said...

Failed miserably at cold turkey. Could tolerate the physical symptoms....just. But couldn`t take the nightmares where the absolute terror continued for so long after I woke. Am now 6 weeks paroxetine free after halving dose every fourth week.40, 20, 10, 5mg cutting the tablet smaller and smaller.I think this is better because of short half life of drug. Taking same dose at longer intervals was like re-entering the same hell over and over.
Am faairly good now, looking forward to return of libido and full nights sleep.

sweetas said...

It's been 6 days since I went cold turkey. The most noticeable symptoms are the brain zaps, dizziness and mood swings. They're not too serious, just more noticeable. I decided a long time ago that I was gonna go c/t. I know I should taper off the Paroxetine but honestly, I just want to get rid of them completely.
I had been taking them religiously for 3.5yrs following stress and anxiety attacks brought on by the loss of loved ones and an eff'd up ex-employer. But since then, I've realised that I don't need the pills as life is much better and I'm happy. I believe that you need to prepare yourself but mentally and physically over a long period of time if you are considering cold turkey. I don't recommend doing it this way but hey, it happens. I kinda got sick of reading posts from various forums about people wanting to get off their medals because seriously, just reading the posts it was obvious that they A) Weren't prepared to get off in the first place and B) They need to STAY on them because they obviously still had serious issues.
I'll provide another update in a week's time to let y'all know how my c/t adventures are going. To all considering it, stay strong and remember, if you KNOW that you're ready to stop your meds but you can't stand the side effects, it's the DRUGS doing it to you - YOU are still the same person you were before you ever needed the 'temporary' magic pill.

sweetas said...

Oh and I forgot about the other side effects that I've been experiencing like:

Vivid dreams: Like seriously, I'll wake from a dream still thinking it had really just happened until I realise that yeah, I was asleep the whole time. They're more spinny and just really normal but more vivid than before. No nightmares though, only had those when I first started taking the drugs.

Moody Poody: Little things tick me off. I've been on the brink of crying but the tears never fall so it's not too bad.

Insomnia: It was worse in the first couple of days but I slept like a baby last night. So not bad after 6 days.

Remember, I'm not trying to talk anyone into going cold turkey, I'm just sharing my current experiences! And like another post said, it isn't the drug that is evil, it's the side effects. I can vouch for the help that it gave me over the last 3.5yrs, I know that I couldn't have gotten through those dark days without the Paroxetine setting my head straight :)

sweetas said...


It's been three weeks since I went cold turkey and I feel f*cken fantastic!
The brain zaps lasted about a week, insomnia was bad in the first three days but now, I just feel really good.
I still get a bit moody at times but nothing major, I can handle it. No pain, no gain.

Take back control of your life and start livin'!

Anonymous said...

I am weening off of Paroxetine now because of the side effects while taking it. Has anyone had luck with a similar drug that doesn't cause weight gain and that doesn't kill your libido? I am taking it because of anxiety caused by my PTSD, and it has worked great but my wife and I are trying to have kids.

Anonymous said...

I have experienced many of these side effects, my docter never even advised me to decrease my dosage slowly. Ive been going off it slowly now for the 2nd time. Its been 2 months. I halved my 20mg for a month then i halved it again (5mg) for 2 weeks, then i took 2.5mg every day for a week. Im still suffering. Ive got severe nausea and a lack of lust for life.....i wont advise anyone to ever go off this drug cold turkey. It is extremely dangerous.

S said...

I didn't stop cold turkey, but I have been weaning myself off quicker than I should be. I can't stand the
vertigo and the flu like symptoms. Walking around at work is like walking through a bouncy castle

Anonymous said...

I have been on paxil 20mg for the recommended 9 months for post emotional break up depression and apparently having anxiety disorder. Have tried a few times to go off the medication. Now for the past weeks ive been weaning myself off 20mg, 15mg, 10mg and now im almost on only 5mg per day. I feel dizzy almost every day. Fainted the other day and that was scary. Bad dreams and mood swings ... and irritability. Im sticking it out though. The extreme dizzyness is just super weird. Wondering how long it will last... x

Haley Winn said...

I have been taking paroxatine for about 9 years and found the best way to come off them was to break the tablet into four quarters then take three of them everyday for about a week then take two everyday for a week and so on, when it came to the end I even started taking half of one of the quarter's just to make sure I didn't get any withdrawal. Hope this helps it worked for me.

Unknown said...

I am desperate to get off 40mg/day, been on it for 4 years. Terrified of discontinuation because I've experienced it in small form after forgetting to take a dose for several days. Does weaning really help with the severity of withdrawl/discontinuation? At 40mg, should I wean at 10mgs/week? I hate paxil and really want to stop, my doc even is down with me weaning off but is also one of those drs who doesn't believe that people have paxil flu. Any advice gravely appreciated!

Anonymous said...

day 11 of cold turkey withdrawals....zaps still there but not as severe....wanting to nap...still there but not as regular...headaches still there but not as severe....needing a sugar fix every 20 mins now...sleepless nights vary....had a good sleep but dream of the weirdest things...the temperature changes can now be regulated with normal paracetamol....i had a miscarriage and wasnt told of the damage these pills can do when trying for a baby... please dont give in on day 11 i still feel like crap...but not as bad as last week......my little girl and my boyf im so luckily they are so understanding i sat them both down and told them what i was going to do, and what might happen, and through the tears and screaming they are both by side...i will never forget the support they are giving me x x x

Anonymous said...

day 12 of cold turkey withdrawals....still got red blisters all over my face and neck, spots in my scalp and ears....last night i had about 5 hours uninterupted sleep (getting better)...took my partner to work at 6am this morning and went round the round about in the car, guess what, the feeling of being thrown everywhere like your on an old rickety roller coaster in your head, its gone.....i wasnt scrunching up my eyes because of glares of the car lights, ive eaten a proper cereal breakfast, the zaps seems calmer and less dis orienting, can i really be getting past the worst of it?.....if this morning is anything to go by...im finally starting to feel slightly human again.....dont give up 12 days and i can see the light !!!! good luck all... keep going x x x

Anonymous said...

Have been off the seroxat now for 4days after being on it for 10 years at 30 mg . I feel horrid , the head zaps are wearing me out and I feel so very angry all the time !! What's happening I feel really out of control . My partner has never seen me like this before and I feel I hardly know myself. I can't work at the moment . How long will this take to ease ? Anyone ?x

Anonymous said...

I wanted to get off Paxil after I'd lost about 25 pounds because I didn't want to take so many medications the rest of my life. I have been able to get off several blood pressure meds as well as weening off Paxil. Thank god I found this post because I've been so dizzy the past 2 weeks since cutting my 40 mg dose in half. I am sure I can make it through this process, but I sure don't like it. It helped my panic attacks but at what cost. I've been on Paxil for about 12 years and I am so over it now. Please let me feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone out there successfully gotten off Paxil and stayed off it? And, how long before you felt better?

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Norma Mcknight said...

If I had known how awful the withdrawal symptoms are I wud NEVER have taken the drug Its hell on earth I will never get off it

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Anonymous said...

Here is my dilemma, I Was diagnosed with some agoraphobia and depression by my doctor a month ago, I went back and he prescribed Paroxetine for it last week.

I was doing research and found this wonderful blog about it.

But, What Do I do? I am very sick and my anxiety is affecting my life. well, I don't have a life anymore because of it.

What else can I take that is not as horrible and as dangerous as Paroxetine? And how do I tell my doctor that I dont want it? They hate it when you google for stuff on your own, And like it always happens they will say im being paranoid about it.

What other medicines treat anxiety?

Any help would be incredibly appreciated it. I feel lost, I feel alone, my life, it feels like my life is over. I need to treat this anxiety but I cant take this

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Nick Neville said...

I am currently on Paroxetene and have been for three years. i am at work and have missed two doses which I have done before and cannot wait to get home to take my FIX?? I am on the higher 30mg tablets and let me tell everyone DO NOT START TO TAKE THIS MEDICINE.After two missed doses I feel dizzy like my brain is going to fall out my ears, cannot walk steady, feel drunk, headache, sick, tearfull to list a few. I would love to stop taking it but I feel i will be on it for life as long as the doctor keeps giving it to me fingers crossed.
Please trust me on this. CBT courses are better than taking these things.

Nick Neville said...

Me again. Well I have decided to go cold turkey after reading this blogg I need to do it for myself and my family alike. I am on day three and my withdrawal symptoms are:-
feel sick
head feel all fuzzy

I will try and keep blogg up to date on my progress etc.... and hopefully all ok in three to five weeks.

Nick Neville said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm being driven crazy by restless legs and a wierd taste/smell I keep experiencing. I've been on 29 mg. of Paxil for 25 years! One doctor told me to just quit and I had an experience where I was in my front yard in the evening and I was SURE ppl were coming to get me. I was letting my dogs out. Husband was gone that night. Was so afraid! Ran back into the house and forced myself to hide. That was about 10 years ago. Now another doc is weaning me off, but after 3 weeks of one pill every other day, which he said I could quit totally after that, I am having anxiety and restless legs at night. I want off this stuff, but think I'm going to take it every other day for a while, then kick it back maybe to a half pill every other day or something. I can't take this! Eventually I will get off of it, but bc it's been in my system for 25 years, I'm screwed royally until I can get this figured out. BTW, had another doc tell me to switch immediately over to another one and ended up in the E.R. With a serotonin OD. Get off this while you can, but go slow. It's relentless!

Anonymous said...

That was 20 mg. a day, sorry.

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Anonymous said...

I have recently went cold turkey off of Paxil which I was on for about a year. The dizziness, head fog, brain zaps and cold and hot chills lasted about 5 days. After that it eased up significantly. I would say hang in there those few rough days because truly, it doesn't last as long as a lot of people are saying. At least it didn't for me. You will have about 3 days of hell but it will be so worth it. I found that popsicles helped me immensely. That was all that I could eat and it helped with the dehydration feeling and the hot flashes.

laurk said...

I worked to gradually come off paxtine over a month, after being on it for about three years. As soon as I cut the dosage back I was really nauseous and dizzy, and then once I stopped them I got really bad restless leg syndrome, mood swings, and irrationally severe depression (worse than I had before going on them) which was only made worse by not having slept because of RLS... I wish I'd been told about the withdrawal symptoms before going on them. I've been off them for three weeks now and I'm still really struggling... Is there anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication without these kind of side effects? Does that exist?

Anonymous said...

Laurk...and anyone else suffering...

I was prescribed low dose fluoxetine (prozac) which COUNTERS the discontinuation syndrome symptoms. I stopped taking paroxetine suddenly after many years of being on high doses. I had all the symptoms of the DT's which is basically what discontinuation syndrome is. As soon as I started on the fluoxetine the symptoms stopped. I was then able to come off the fluoxetine easily with no side effects.

I hope this helps. All the best to everyone still suffering from this evil drug and it's side effects.

Anonymous said...

I have quit taking paroxetine, this week 4 every day I get another with drawal symptom. worst is when I walk it is like I am floating but have strange tingling and electric shock type feeling in the soles of my feet, crying all the time, perfuse sweating, cold chills, brain zaps and feeling not like myself at all. I am going to my GP this week and after reading lots of these blogs I am going to ask for low dose of fluoxetine, I really hope this will help me.

Living life said...

Exactly how I felt being on this horrible drug 40 mg daily for the past 10 years a working ant or walking zombie am now into my second week of cold turkey having all the same side effects as most on this post ... I want my life back and if it means I have to go through hell to do it then so be it !!!

Living life said...

Exactly how I felt being on this horrible drug 40 mg daily for the past 10 years a working ant or walking zombie am now into my second week of cold turkey having all the same side effects as most on this post ... I want my life back and if it means I have to go through hell to do it then so be it !!!

Anonymous said...

I came across thous site and I am so relieved that I am not alone. I was diagnosed two weeks withA-fib. My cardiologist told me to immediately stop taking the Paroxetine as it has an interaction with the heart arrhythmia meds he gave me. I asked him if it was ok to go cold turkey. He said yes no problem "its safe."
I was taking 40mg a day for the last 5 years for mile depression , OCD and definite anxiety. This is day 10 now and I have all the symptoms of withdrawal, today I threw up after lunch, for the first time. my eyes don;t catch up with my head movements. Dreadful dreams, super vivid, night sweats and super fatigue, oh plus crazy bowel movements. Please someone post ....How long does this last ????

Anonymous said...

I came across this website that says there may be some rings that can help alleviate the side effects of Paxil Paroxetene withdrawal. Wanted to pass on, I am willing to try anything !!!!http://www.theroadback.org/paxilwithdrawal.aspx

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone and I wish y'all luck getting off this horrible drug. I was on a similar drug and cam some what understand.
My problem is with my boyfriend. Since I met him about one and a half years ago, I've known something is wrong and it about mimicked what I had ensured with a med. So I tried to help him since it was clear his psychiatrist nor family wouldn't. His psychiatrist is a pill=mill doctor and has had him on klonopin for 20 years. He's had him on the Paxil for two at 60 thus far, despite that my boyfriend complain that he has driven through red light intersections, didn't seem to care about anything and felt like a zombie where no matter what, it was Ok. So on our own, we researched this since we don't have money for new doctor appointments. When we read the symptoms. we knew it was the Paxil and not the klonopin since everything as learned about being on the drug sounded just like him.
We found a more speedy approach to tapering down off the meds, but knew it was going to be difficult, trying and terrible==and it has not let us down after being drug-free for just a week or two now.

The problem I have, however, is what appears to be his ability to control himself around his family that I had to have him stay with after he attacked me in bed one evening in what he said was a crazy delusion. This was sexually in nature, and scared the life out of me. what if next time, I thought, the delusion lead to major violence, such as the kind where there is no returning from?

So after a few hours of crying, pleading and begging he finally agreed to leave my condo and move back in with his father and sister and brother (they are all about his age, which is 50, yes, 50). While there, he hasn't had the violent outbursts of complete rage and cruelty that has had with me from the start (and we never had such a relationship prior). How is he able to contain himself now for nearly two weeks with them and when he talks to me, outright become verbally abusive? How can he turn it off and on? This happens as well with many of the other symptoms as well, nearly all but the inability to sleep? The only answer that comes to mind s he respects them, but doesn't respect me.
Can anyone help me with this? Thank you.

Jessica Melissa said...

I am a 16 year vet of paxil. No way out! The damage is done. I am on day 5 without. Won't get until tomorrow night and then the sickness won't leave until the next day. Chest pains are severee...vomiting...dizzy... Cold and flu symptoms. Anger that could destroy and do very bad damage to something or someone. Light and noise sensitivity. Hallucinating...hearing background noises and voices that aren't there. I could go on. Why could I just be put on old fashion xanax ? use when I had a panic attack. Not everyday. My sickness from painpills wasn't anything as bad as this. 12 to 15 10mg loritab a day for 5 years which I developed from herniated discs which was caused by me jumping on a moving vehicle which I was withdrawing from paxil which created the insane situation. Just don't ever start this drug it has ruined my life.I have anger issues when pushed even on it I never had before. It has turned me into damaged goods.

Jessica Melissa said...

New Dr tried to make me get off paxil and I told her I don't fucking think so. I was in withdrawals. I almost attacked the doctor. I began to cry and walked in front several cars on a busy street as I stormed out of new doctors office. I was hoping to get hit.I thought I can't take this feeling any longer. I though about actually jumping over a counter in pharmacy robbing them for paxil. That sick is from taking 80mg daily since 1999.

Jessica Melissa said...

I went thru paxil problems and 2mos still chest pains and rage. I am permantely damaged from it. 16 years 60 to 80mg a day. Don't end up crazy like me when I go a day without it. Good luck

Jessica Melissa said...

It took everything from me. Home good job and friends. I can't remember or think. No hopes no dreams or goals.

Jessica Melissa said...

Has anyone just said hey this drug has turned me into a lunatic. The paxil co. Needs to quit making it and be sued for damages

Jessica Melissa said...

Did u make it off?

Jessica Melissa said...

That's what I plan on doing in about 8 hours. Screw feeling this bad. I am on 60mg for 16 years. It is impossible to come off.

leroy donnelly said...

Where do i start, i have been on paroxetine for nearly 20 years.Half my life and have stopped taking it again.I was given it for extreme OCD and after i tried to gas myself in my car, i wish i was never given this vile drug it doesnt work anymore and all i want to do is kill myself. I cant stop crying and i dont know what to do. Ive stopped going to work and wont answer the phone. This drug should be banned its ruined my life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, I have been on paxtine for 8 years along with cognitive behavioural therapy to treat anxiety, major depression and ptsd.
Recently I have decided that I am stable enough to come off my meds...be careful ,don't stop cold turkey, tell your doctor that you wish to quit taking paxtine because I personally have been aggressive, irritated, sad, depressed, anxious, suicidal thoughts, I cry at nothing and I have light headedness and electrical shocks through my body...I just saw my psychologist and he recommended that I see my doctor to help me quit and that the doctor may prescribe me a form of drug to mask the symptoms of coming off paxtine such as metazopan, I don't like the idea of taking one drug to go off another but if things get really bad and you don't trust that you're not going to do something terrible to yourself then I suggest going on that other drug. I by the way have only been taking a quarter of a tablet once a day because I never wanted to take the full dose...I was only using paxtine to take the edge off of my panic attacks and I'm sort of glad that I didn't take the full dosage suggested by my doc to treat my ptsd and depression...It is a hard job getting of paxtine but you can do it and there is help if you find it too nasty...just ask. GOOD LUCK

Unknown said...

How are you doing?

Sam Robinson said...

It's horrible 6 days in after 3 years of taking it is am.suffering all these things when does it end any advice please

Sam Robinson said...

Suffering equally as bad any advice

Anonymous said...

8 years here.. Forgot to get my script and doc is closed today. This is day 3 without Paxil. Cried most of the day. I work in a small shop.. had to lock the door and go outside and shake and cry. Buzzing in my head. Can't focus unless I close one eye. Hopelessness. Gagging when I swallow. I've eaten nothing in 2 days.
Oh.. yeah.. and it's my 33rd birthday today.
Happy birthday to me..
My advice is simply to NOT stop this stuff cold turkey. You WILL HAVE A BAD TIME! I have no desire to get off of it after reading all of this and feeling this way. I'm down to 25 mgs every other day.. and I'm totally ok with swallowing a little pill forever. Call me a wimp. I attempted suicide and lost everything I love before they put me on it.. and I could totally see it happening again having to suffer like this.
Best of luck. I'll be praying a prayer for all of you tonight before I attempt sleep and have some more wacked out dreams, speak in tongues, and kick my boyfriend repeatedly like I did last night (all without my knowledge till this morning btw)... UGH

Shizam said...

Thank you all for your comments. This has helped a lot as I felt I was turning into a mean bitch. Yelling at friends, attacking a police officer, having to go to the mental ward. I have been on Paroxitine for 8-10 years at 75 mg daily. I was having "break thrus" where I was still very depressed etc. It was not working for me anymore.
I began reducing my dose, under a nurse practitioners care. These are my symptoms: dizziness, nausea, weight loss, loose frequent stools, weird dreams, anger big time,tremors at the height of the withdrawl, controlled with benadryl. It has been close to two months of this. A friend told me it may take 4 months and up to a year to feel stable again.
Thank you again for all of the letters so I know it is the drug, not me.

Rose Thomas said...

Hi, my husband has been prescribed Paxtine 6 weeks ago for depression, he was on mirtazapine, but that just caused him to sleep all day, he has got Parkinson plus disease, but since taking Paxtine he is confused, hallucinating,not functioning, restless legs,acting like dementia,wandering at night, so am off to the doctors again today to find out if this is causing the problems listed, after reading all these comments, I am very scared of what it will do when I insist he has to come off Paxtine, he is 75 and neither of us is getting much sleep at night,( he sleeps during the day as he's exhausted, I cannot understand why he has put him on this terrible drug, I am so angry, We saw a neurologist last week, & I asked him if these symptoms could be caused through Paxtine, & he told me definitely not, I do not know who to believe, but reading all your comments, this drug should be banned,
Thank you all for your comments, it's made me much more determined to avoid this drug, even if it means putting him in respite when he comes off it

Rose Thomas said...

Hi just realised he has been on this lousy drug for over 2 months, also he is booked in to see a physiologist,so hopefully she can help too
Thanks again this for am has been a great help

jackie said...

Hello, as I was reading your post I felt as if I wrote that. I feel the exact same way as you do..i was on Paxil for 3 months and it's been a week and 3 days since I've been off and everyday has got better but still feel the nausea, dizziness and emotional. How did it all turn out for you?

Anonymous said...

How can anyone work while going thru this?

Annette said...

It's 6 years since I managed to wean myself off seroxat (Paxil). I googled it to check whether the Misophonia (sensitivity to eating noises) which started during my withdrawal and still persists, was connected....the jury is out on that one. Finding this thread and seeing all of these comments brings so much back.

Please know that you can get through it. I am here to tell you that it IS hard but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I feel so so much better now.

I weaned off it because cold turkey was too much for me. If you have the option to do it that way I would recommend it. To start with I was reducing my dose by 4 or 5 mls a month and by the end I could only manage 1 ml or less a month and had to take it in liquid form to manage the precise measurements. There were set backs and it was a long process of 3 years...Anonymous...to answer yr question I had to take time off work towards the end. 9 months to get off the last few mls. I was very lucky to be in a position to be able to do so.

My advice to anyone going through this is to be kind to yourselves. People who have never gone through this won't understand and there will be times when you feel hurt by that. Seek out others who know what you're going through and talk to them about it. There is comfort in being around people who get it.

Good luck to all of you. Xx

Audrey Stamm said...

I'm right there with you. I started when I was 14 in 1998. I'm 32 now and trying to go off of it to get prego. Doc said just take stop Paxil (40mg) and next day take Zoloft 50mg. It should be fine. Uh are these doctor's retarded? Sorry, obviously the anger side effect. I'm 3 days into zoloft 50 mgs. Last night and night before I took 20mg Paxil as well. But still some side effects. I do plan to come down off the Paxil 20mgs for 1 wk, 10mg for 1 wk, 5mgs for 1 wk etc.

Audrey Stamm said...

Hi this has been awhile since this post but I was wondering if you were successfull because I am doing the same and have been on it a similar amt of time. I was on 20mg for majority but last year on 40mgs. Let me know how it went? I am going to zoloft. It is slightly safer.

Audrey Stamm said...

Hi this has been awhile since this post but I was wondering if you were successfull because I am doing the same and have been on it a similar amt of time. I was on 20mg for majority but last year on 40mgs. Let me know how it went? I am going to zoloft. It is slightly safer.

Hanging in there said...

Hi living life...how's it going?am in the boat as you guys,I can honestly say it's pure hell.no words to describe the with drawls there insidious x

Hanging in there said...

A massive good luck to you all enduring this hell 🙏🏻!!i stopped 4 weeks ago from weaning from 40ml for a week then 30 ml for a week,then 20 ml then 10 ml all in a four week pireod...first week was not to bad,then all hell broke lose,all the symptoms as of above!!!worst trip of my life...I had a melt down on week four,the with drawls are brutal,I take a lot to be beat,but jeez it has put me on ma ass!!i thought I was losing my mind.have been prescribed Valium for a week to calm down(got in that much of a state,an getting reassessed tomorrow...this drug should be banned!!will keep you posted each week as what is happening still.please hang in there,if any body feels alone an scared please get in touch I will send you my email if you want!all pulling together is better than getting reinstated On this mind drug...keep going xxx

dentex101 said...

I began taking Paxil 20 mg/day late Oct 2016, after an incident with my daughter. I have always been what I would call 'mentally strong', never thinking that antidepressants were the answer, that it was all a matter of 'getting your head right' and dealing with the real issue instead of checking out to reality. I had feelings of helplessness, violation, fear of intruders in my home, and a real sadness that came with the loss of control that I felt on a daily basis about everything and nothing. I finally gave in and asked for something, and was also given lorazepam for 'back up'. I felt like I had endured and was in fact, entitled, to feel better than this! So give in for once and do something that would help myself and by proxy, help the others around me. I feel like I have gotten over the incident, became mentally more strong and positive, and frankly, the daily not caring anymore about hygiene, helping a family member or even transporting my own kid to school made me want to move off the couch or out of the bed. Just as I always thought would happen, after 46 years on this planet without pharmaceutical assistance, I didn't care anymore about anything or anyone, especially myself. And I always LOVED myself....I felt as bad as I had in the beginning, but for different reasons, and thought, I DO NEED TO GET OFF THIS SHIT! STAT!! So i stopped cold turkey a week ago today. Felt great for 2 days, and then the aches began, and the terrible headaches that made me want to continue to stay in the bed, no desire to complete household chores, dishes piled up high, and I literally STANK! Then the tears began because I felt hopeless, and in great despair. My husband sure didn't deserve me in that state. When I work and have something I HAVE to do, I'm fine. I'm happy, well-adjusted. Now the dizziness has kicked in, and the inability to sleep longer than 90 minutes at a time. I've never had a sleepless night in my life. I'm actually enjoying not being in the bed all the time. I DO have ENERGY again! I DO recognize that these drugs are dangerous, as I had always suspected. I believe that there are people that have to have them in order to have some normalcy in their lives, but I think given my recent roller coaster ride, that I could have been capable of anything from crying a river to murder, to suicide. And that's very scary and I hope that if you truly have clinical, long-term depression that you continue to seek out the best option for you and continue to have your own well-being in forethought before you disapear down the rabbit hole. Peace, and I hope we all come out on the other side better off, WITHOUT our SSRI's!

Peter Whiting said...

Well, day 7 of withdrawal from 2 years of 20mg Loxamine. This was episode 4 since 1994 and the longest time on the meds. The 3 earlier ceasations of use went past relatively smoothly, this one is turning in to a monster.
The dizziness started 24 hours almost to the minute of taking the last pill. 7 days later it is still the biggest issue. I had one day of the black dog sitting behind me. Managed to positively think myself through that one. It did involve a bit hiding that day. Eyesight is becoming more blurry with each day, this is a new development. I've increased exercising and I feel fine during and after a workout for about 2 hours. I have to work and have family so I can't spend all day cycling!
What staggers me is the extent of this issue. The drug is a bastard to start with, yes it helps but the side effects are terrible. My poor family had to go through me becoming depressed (again..) and then the change in personality under the influence of the drug. I wasn't aware of changing but they certainly did. I'm so happy they stuck around. I have never ever been advised of the effects of withdrawal, either cold turkey or as part of a staged retreat. that in itself is rubbish. Given the huge number of comments here, the pharmaceutical companies need to stand up and sort this out.
Good luck to anyone else going through this now and I will try to re-post with progress..

Leslie said...

I am on day 8 of a cold turkey withdrawal of 40mg paxil. I have a history of depression and was on antidepressants 20 years ago, but figured out how to healthily handle my depression without my drugs since then. I started paxil 2 years ago when my daughter was wreaking havoc in my life and I just needed a little help. Last week I ran out. I've been trying to reach my doc about this for a month, but he is apparently out of town. That's all right I thought.. I wanted to get off this anyway. I told my husband and family I may be grumpy for a couple weeks. But was NOT prepareD for this!

I am NEVER, do this again! On day 2 u started having severe pain, Diarrhea nausea, uncontrolled crying, dizziness, and these brain sensations that practically feel like a seizure!

On top of all the symptoms I have Myasthenia Gravis which causes muscle weakness breathing and swallowing problems. My mg is flaring as a result of this withdrawal. I feel better when I do things but I need periodic rest throughout the day due to this condition.

I definitely will call my General Practitioner in the morning but DO NOT want to go back on the paxil because I've already dealt with a week's worth and don't want to start over later.

Right now it's 5 am and I am writing this because I have been having terrible nightmares that I can't breathe and I keep screaming in my sleep. So far just tonight I've done this 5 times. I'm just sitting up the rest of the night because my poor husband needs his rest too. (couldn't do this without him)

Leslie said...

Also forgot to mention confusion and hearing the strangest sounds that are not there and pretty much constant buzzing. This is not my typical self.

Annette said...

So sorry to hear that you are going through this Leslie. I have been off Paxil for a good few years now but I remember the struggle so well.

I know this will not be what you want to hear and believe me I was exactly the same but I would strongly suggest getting back on Paxil and withdrawing slowly preferably with the help of a good GP! Withdrawing cold turkey can be very dangerous.

If you are adamant that you won't go back on Paxil it may be worth asking the doctor if you can move into a different SSRI which is less addictive and then wean off that when you're ready. I know that's worked for some.

Why this drug is still being prescribed is absolutely beyond me. Good luck hun and keep us posted as to how you get on. Xx

Hanging in there said...

Hi...I can honestly feel my heart aching for you.because this time 5 month ago I came off pax-hell,it was the most frightning expercience of my life.Please please reinstate the drug an taper slowly.i went from 40 ml which had been on for 3 year down to nothing in a four week period.That was even fast..it was like I had gone to hell while still alive!But can I just say after 4 month of been off this drug have never looked back.i still get rough days but no where as bad as what I went thru.i thought I was losing my mind...I know how you feel I got the brain zaps it also felt like all my teeth were falling out.but can I say you aren't alone feeling like you do,you aren't going insane it's normal it's the drug leaving your system an your body is trying to keep up with what's going on!hang in there because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.Have been anti depressant free for 6 month am a survivor of them!These drugs should be Banned an the company's destroyed for the hell they put people thru.just look after your self,know it's normal your not alone an every single day is a day closer from been rid of the drug!!but please don't go cold turkey see any gp an taper slowly so your brain an body can readjust to the changes!!you can do it there's always hope Xxx

Anonymous said...

Leslie if you are reading this, I want to share with you what I did to counter the effects of discontinuation syndrome (which is what you're going through). A doctor here prescribed me low dose lovan (which is fluoxetine), 20mg. It stopped all my symptoms, and I had the lot! I then stopped taking the lovan easily about 8 months later. I've been off for around 2 years now. I would highly recommend you try this before you go back on this evil drug and wean from scratch, because even weaning has discontinuation syndrome. Best of luck to you x

Adena Dries said...

I have been on and off paxil for about 15 years, for panic disorder. I weened a few times, then always ended up back on it, something would freak me out. Well, I weened a few months ago, ago,and was probably paxil free for about 1 month. By the way, most of the time I took 10mg, at peek times, rarely, I was at 40mg, but always lessoned my dose after a few months. Hell, half the time I would only take 5 or 10 MG every other day. Anyways, I weened this time, and I was doing good, I thought, and stressful stuff started up. My brothers wife was on hospice for a very rare form of cancer, and I was getting to be a wreck from th as t. I started having panic attacks, and thinking I had cancer everywhere in my body. So, my dumbass, thinking I needed my paxil again. My gyno also prescribed me a few xanax, which I had never taken before. So, I started on my paxil about 3 weeks ago, the xanax helped temporarily with the panic attacks. Then idk what happened, I started freaking out again. Reading, googling. Scared the shit out of myself. So now I want to ween again, skipped last night, took only 10 MG tonight. And a xanax. I'm just wondering. Do I have to ween slowly again? Or should I switch to prozac to get off this shit for good. My problems right now are derealization, loss of appetite, dizziness, anxiety and panic here and there. Oh, and I have 4 kids, the youngest is 3 and is super sensative to me being ill, she has started anxiety! Please help me

Adena Dries said...

I have been on and off paxil for about 15 years, for panic disorder. I weened a few times, then always ended up back on it, something would freak me out. Well, I weened a few months ago, ago,and was probably paxil free for about 1 month. By the way, most of the time I took 10mg, at peek times, rarely, I was at 40mg, but always lessoned my dose after a few months. Hell, half the time I would only take 5 or 10 MG every other day. Anyways, I weened this time, and I was doing good, I thought, and stressful stuff started up. My brothers wife was on hospice for a very rare form of cancer, and I was getting to be a wreck from th as t. I started having panic attacks, and thinking I had cancer everywhere in my body. So, my dumbass, thinking I needed my paxil again. My gyno also prescribed me a few xanax, which I had never taken before. So, I started on my paxil about 3 weeks ago, the xanax helped temporarily with the panic attacks. Then idk what happened, I started freaking out again. Reading, googling. Scared the shit out of myself. So now I want to ween again, skipped last night, took only 10 MG tonight. And a xanax. I'm just wondering. Do I have to ween slowly again? Or should I switch to prozac to get off this shit for good. My problems right now are derealization, loss of appetite, dizziness, anxiety and panic here and there. Oh, and I have 4 kids, the youngest is 3 and is super sensative to me being ill, she has started anxiety! Please help me

Znatix said...

I am really surprised that there are a lot of people are having horrible experiences with this drug, and I thought and I am alone with this fight. Really fuck this piece of shit, even my family doesnt even care about my fucking withdrawals

H Super. said...

It's fucking evil

H Super. said...

It's fucking evil

Adena Dries said...

Here I am again. I quit the paxil again that night I wrote know here last. I started feeling amazingy better. Well, 6 weeks and 2 days. Now I'm starting to get symptoms again. So, I took an atarax yesterday afternoon. One at night to sleep. Woke up early with some major anxiety. I called my pharmacist, she is wonderful, and she said I could start my xanax again, and use atarax, not together though. Ride it out, or go back to my doc and maybe try something new, like prozac to get through this. So I took a half a xanax this morning, and one tonight. Hopefully I can ride this out. She said it does sound like discontinuation syndrome. Maybe I've been more stressed than I realized. Had some added stress about 4 weeks ago, but it didn't seem to bother me. Well, I'll see how well I can do without going on a new antidepressant. Never again paxil, that's for damn sure. I'll check back with everyone soon again. Good luck

Adena Dries said...

Here I am again. I quit the paxil again that night I wrote know here last. I started feeling amazingy better. Well, 6 weeks and 2 days. Now I'm starting to get symptoms again. So, I took an atarax yesterday afternoon. One at night to sleep. Woke up early with some major anxiety. I called my pharmacist, she is wonderful, and she said I could start my xanax again, and use atarax, not together though. Ride it out, or go back to my doc and maybe try something new, like prozac to get through this. So I took a half a xanax this morning, and one tonight. Hopefully I can ride this out. She said it does sound like discontinuation syndrome. Maybe I've been more stressed than I realized. Had some added stress about 4 weeks ago, but it didn't seem to bother me. Well, I'll see how well I can do without going on a new antidepressant. Never again paxil, that's for damn sure. I'll check back with everyone soon again. Good luck

Adena Dries said...

Here I am again. I quit the paxil again that night I wrote know here last. I started feeling amazingy better. Well, 6 weeks and 2 days. Now I'm starting to get symptoms again. So, I took an atarax yesterday afternoon. One at night to sleep. Woke up early with some major anxiety. I called my pharmacist, she is wonderful, and she said I could start my xanax again, and use atarax, not together though. Ride it out, or go back to my doc and maybe try something new, like prozac to get through this. So I took a half a xanax this morning, and one tonight. Hopefully I can ride this out. She said it does sound like discontinuation syndrome. Maybe I've been more stressed than I realized. Had some added stress about 4 weeks ago, but it didn't seem to bother me. Well, I'll see how well I can do without going on a new antidepressant. Never again paxil, that's for damn sure. I'll check back with everyone soon again. Good luck

fran ekenasio said...

I had only been taking paroxetine for a couple months and have found out im about 5 months pregnant so I thought I woild be ok to just stop as I do tend to play god with my medications I must admit I was having a few symtoms whilst on it but I loved the new controllable me, I was alot more organized but knew of the effects on an unborn child, but since going cold turkey I feel the withdrawals are interfering with my pregnancy, im unbelievably hungry but cant stomach anything I do force myself im so tired but cant get too sleep until midnight, and the dizziness is unbearable then drinking water and standing in the shower dizzy the light and noise sensitivity now im waiting tk see if the withdrawals have affected the embryo this is shocking and and I feel worse than I did before I started taking them

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I'm very lucky I've been takeing off and on for past 3 months in talking like 4ml paxtine and I hate it my body sweats I get tiredness I don't get my periods I feel dizzy heart so fast chest feels heavy I hate it and now I'm going cold turkey get off 4ml it very strong anti depressant I wanting try another one lexipro

Annette said...

Hi there,

Speaking from experience I would not suggest going cold turkey for the last 4ml. I am off it now for years but I found as I got down the to last few mls the withdrawal intensified.

I would suggest if you aren't already taking the liquid form of the drug, request it and use a syringe to measure your dosage. I had to reduce by 1 ml was he month to get off the last little bit.

I wish you the best of luck in getting off this drug. It's hard but so worth doing!

Annette said...

Sorry that should read 1 ml per month reduction!

Sierra said...

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Danielle Albertine said...

Hey Fran, I'm a sucker for playing god with my meds too. But please don't do it while pregnant. I agree that you can't realistically stay on it long term during the pregnancy, but stopping cold Turkey can cause more than just withdrawal symptoms in you. This is the one time I become a "by the book" nazi and plead with people to do it with their doc...

Anonymous said...

Help me! I was taking 20mg and my doctor told me to just take 10mg for a couple of weeks then stop even though I had told her I tried to reduce 3 time previously and it didn't work. So I did what she said and have been taking 10mg for nearly two weeks and tonight the symptoms which have been building up and got too much for me so I took another tablet 20mg total. I also have M.E which makes this hell even worse (if that's possible) I don't think I will ever get off this! She also started me on propranolol to try and reduce the side effects but that didn't work! Please help me.

Annette said...

Hi there,

I'm so sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. Reducing by10 mg in one go seems like a very big drop. Perhaps you can go back up to 15mg for a while and then once you adjust to that you could reduce by a small amount again.

Please don't give up. I got off this medication years ago and you can too! It has to be slow. My last 10 mgs were excruciatingly slow to get off. I had to reduce one mg at a time and leave a month between each reduction. The lower the dose gets the more intense the withdrawal so it's really important not to rush.

I would suggest speaking to your GP and let him/her know what you are doing. If your GP is not supportive I would see about seeing a different one if possible. Also would be a good idea to get the liquid form of the drug if your doctor will prescribe it and then use a syringe to measure out more precise amounts as when the dose gets lower it's hard to judge it with the tablets.

Good luck and please post again to let me know how you get on.

Annette x

eric pietro said...

Hi there i have been taking it for over 5 years.
20mg. I am on day 10 of stoping. The only problem i have had is vision.
I feel much better with out the drug.

Samantha Carter said...

Hello everyone
Having needed help with the menopause my dr said HRT was not an option due to heart disease and cancer in my family so was given paroxetine. Had i known about this drug then i would never have accepted the prescription let alone taken them. I am on day 3 of withdrawal and the side effects are bloody aweful but im going to stick with it. Electric shock feeling, loss of balance, muffled and loss of hearing, emotional, hot sweats, chills, tummy pains, nausea, eyes hurt, jolty movements, headache. Ive done nothing but research this drug over the past couple of days and i have another 2 to 6 weeks of this crap. This drug should be banned. Im incapable of doing the most simple task. I'm doing a day to day diary on my fb page as i don't want any of my friends on this vile drug. Hope you all get through this

Annette said...

Wishing you all the luck in the world Samantha. You can do it!

Miguel Leonardo ahumada said...

Hello I took 20mg for two days will I have withdrawl I only tried it I didn't like it

Unknown said...

I've had similar symptoms. I've been on Paxil for about two years now. I accidentally ran out pfy meds and didn't refill them in time. Long story short, I went for 4 days w/o the meds. That shit hurt. My eyes were burning, I too had to shut one to focus. I had the shakes. Every little thing that my family was doing around me was irritating. Not a good feeling. I'm worried when the day comes to stop taking this medication.

Annette said...

Miguel, I'd be surprised if you had withdrawal after just two days. Perhaps you can post and let us know? I hope you were ok.

Unknown...I'm not surprised you are worried about withdrawal. Going cold turkey
by just stopping them is awful and frightening. The symptoms can be overwhelming.
When the time comes you can paper your dose slowly. I'm not going to lie to you,
it's still hard but nowhere near as bad as just stopping.

I would advise doing the tapering with the help of the doctor. It's important to
understand that everyone is different so if the doctor advises you reduce
your dose at a certain rate and it's too fast for you, you can always do it more slowly.
You will need a pill cutter and then later on it's best to get the liquid form of the drug
so you can reduce by smaller amount, measuring it in 10 ml syringes.

The lower the dose the harder the withdrawal. I ended up reducing 1 ml at a time
in the end and giving myself anywhere from 2 weeks to a month with each reduction.

Getting off this med for most people is a marathon, not a sprint
but I have never regretted going through it.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck. Annette.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your response. Not many people come back after being off and update others on their experience. I took paxil in may 2014 to December 2013 after q two month run with trazodone to help sleep. It never worked and my doctor didn't tell me that I couldn't cold turkey so I did. Shocked my nervous system and after about three weeks I begged for help. She then gave me paxil and trazodone. I found the road back program and tapered off in like three weeks with no withdrawal. I stopped the supplements about 39 days later and withdrawal came in fast. I was anxious, depressed, suicidal thoughts, and my mind wouldn't shut off for sleep. I tried to bare it for 4- 5 weeks and then chickened out. Started back on Paxil and stayed on for about 6-7 months then started weaning much slower without supplements. I was down to 4.2 mg at almost two months and had a weekend of drinking and smoking hookah and im sure that sent me into withdrawal. I have mild anxiety and hyper erousal at night preventing sleep. It's as if my nervous system is shocked. Anything I take to reduce stress makes it worse. I took a benzo a couple of times to get rest from complete exhaustion and woke up with more anxiety than I went to bed with. My doctor told me to go up to 5 mg and I did for about 6 days with no relief insight. I actually felt worse. Then her associate suggested 10 mg and I did for two days and felt even worse than before so I quit altogether about 4 days ago. I'm hoping the hyper arousal goes away soon.

Anonymous said...

Why are some of you going cold turkey when getting off Paxil (except for those of you who cant afford to get any more and if you are pregnant)? From what I have read a person MUST taper off. Get the liquid form and go one mg at a time if you have to. I have been taking Paxil for almost 16 years and tried to go off of it twice before but felt too anxious and irritable so went back on. After reading the horror stories of this drug and wondering what the long-term adverse health effects of it are I'm now tapering off. I was on 30mg and then went down to 20 mg and took that amount for a few weeks. I then went to 10 mg and have one day left of the two weeks for this dose. I havent' had the horrible w/d symptoms,but keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I have some anxiety and fear, irritability and anger. I don't know how much of the anxiety and fear is because of worrying about having the anxiety from going off Paxil or if its actually due to coming off of it. I have a low thyroid and have been taking meds for that for about two years and wonder how much of my previous anxiety was due to that rather than a psychological disorder. If I have horrible w/d symptoms I will taper off the Paxil more slowly. Having a supportive husband and my faith in God helps a lot as does playing with my dogs!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had any problems with being on Paxil and feel that it has been very good to me. I don't feel like it has prevented me from feeling normal emotions. At one point about a year and a half ago I didn't' have health insurance and so couldn't get it and I was off it for 10 days. The only symptom I had was a feeling of unreality, but even that wasn't bad. Then about a year ago I was feeling particularly anxious, but was taking the Paxil as usual then. I think that had to do with my low thyroid and being pre-menopausal, but that went away. But, like I said in the previous post, I worry about the long-term health affects of it that no one really knows about and plus the way the world is going and if there comes a time when I can't get the drug, I don't want to be forced to go cold turkey and suffer the horrific withdrawal symptoms that I've been reading about in this post.

Adena Dries said...

I tried tapering many many times, was on that crap for 16 years. Doesn't work for everyone. I just said enough is enough and started supplementing. I take omegas, magnesium citrate, b complex, vitamin d, and a few others. The magnesium citrate and omegas really helped with the withdrawal. Not everyone is successful, I've been off Paxil completely since June 19th, 2016. I get a few bought of panic/anxiety every now and then, but I found that benadryl works, and so does prescription hydroxyzine (atarax). Good luck all. Paxil, and other antidepressants rewire your brain and are definitely not good to be on, especially long term.

Unknown said...

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John Colunga said...

Day 7. Really having a hard time. Sleep is as described here been up for over 24 hours now hoping to hold out til noon when i can see my dr and get my refill approved. Im scared of myself at this point. Not suicidal i just have no idea how to handle the chest feeling and the waves of psychotic whiplash. I have 2 daughters that home with during the day. Im glad theyre good kids. Ranting and venting help. If you end up this long without it dont drive dont go to work dont go to the store. Find your pills or sleep. Sleep as much as you can until the pill is in your hand. I feel sorry for all of us. Good luck to all of you.

Annette said...

Hi John,
I hope you're feeling better. Perhaps when you are back on an even keel you can start to taper slowly. There is hope. I wish you all the luck in the world!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Just got the hour long sales pitch from my Doctor on how amazing paroxetine is. I decided against taking it when I realised his entire spiel was right out of the marketing brochure for the same drug. He actually had no first hand experience at all with the drug. I have since read hundreds of pages of reviews and blogs from people whose life has become a living hell because of this drug. Drugs are about money, not helping people. That's a by product, sometimes. This is the first thing people need to realise. The second is that in 99% of all cases drug companies self regulate. i.e. they research and report on their own drugs and then, big surprise, the drug gets approved! This drug btw is banned in a few countries. The last important point is that most of the so called research into natural alternatives. You know the ones, where they say it's not proven to be effective or could be harmful (Ha ha what a joke compared to Paroxetine)is also funded by Big Pharm! In a nutshell it's all bullshit. People need to dig deep and do their own research. Natural stuff works! Anyway I suffered from chronic depression and anxiety. No shit in this crazy world of ours. I'm now on a regime of 6g of fish oil a day, 3 x 240mg B6, Multi B x 2 a day, magnesium, zinc and spirulina 9g. In the evenings I take from 25mg to 50 mgs of 5 htp. So far so good. I'm about 70% better. The remaining 30% I attribute to the world we live in.

Anonymous said...

Be warned. If you take this stuff for too long you can NEVER get off it. It completely screws up your brains ability to produce serotonin. i.e. it's designed to be 100% addictive. The perfect drug if you in the business of making and selling it.

Unknown said...

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Philo said...

I was on Paroxitine for 11 or so years, for anger isues. Dr. Said it was underling depression. So i believed. Went off cold Turkey about 30 days ago. All of the side effects are bad. Even worse. Im want off! Done! It takes about a month for 90 percent of them to go away. Just an occasional brain sputter now and then. Will never take it again. Its not worth it. I feel better than I have in years.

Andres Solis said...

Did you finally get some sleep?
I havent slept in two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Andres, get yourself some 5 HTP, valerian 2000mgs and Ashwagandha powder. The latter being critical to sorting things out.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully someone will read this and get some benefit from my first hand experience. This works for anxiety/depression/losing it/insomnia.

Ashwagandha powder. 1 tsp 3x a day in a quarter glass of warm milk with 1 tsp of honey. Mix it all up, wait at least 10 minutes, drink down with 1 x 2000mg Valerian tablet. (so that's also 3 Valerian a day)
Fish oil 1000 mgs at least 5 caps a day
B6, B Multi, Magnesium and Zinc
10 min before bed. ¼ to ½ of a 100mg 5 HTP tab . In my experience the whole tab can have the opposite effect.

Anonymous said...

Hi all
I was prescribed Seroxat by pain management team, I suffer from both forms of arthritis as well as having other musculoskeletal issues. Been taking it for 6yrs and due to my lack of mobility was unable to get to doc's to have a prescription filled and so I was forced into a cold turkey withdrawal. I'm now on day 9 and so far things have been tolerable. Had docs appointment this morning and he was more than happy for me to take the decision not to have it represcribed. Yesterday and today I've been a bit sick and I too have that funny feeling in my head and some sweating but all in all I'm no where near as bad as most of you are. My heart goes out to you all and I hope you can all get through it and come out the other side seroxat free for good. I'm a 44 year old female and live in Scotland with no family, so I just have to get on with it. Good luck and blessings x

tara omar said...

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