Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Lemon Jelly plays Space Walk (Beautiful!) and I try to comprehend myself. My college life has become a nice blob of organized chaos. All I can remember is studying and chatting, trying to make myself make horrid decisions, namely universities. Up North or 'dahn' South? Politics or History? How can I possibly choose? And so accidently on purpose I've been avoiding making appointments to visit the places, which I WILL get to, I will.

I've been very tired, I must say. I tried to get some work done over the weekend and I just fell asleep, leaving me burning the midnight oil (and beyond) each day of this week which just makes Betty more tired. I saw my dear Ria on Monday for what was to be a DVD toss up and a Trivial Pursuit showdown, but we ended up just doing the showdown (and won! Three times!) I got to check out my old high school which really hadn't changed at all. Even the kids were the same, but it was nice to see Charlotte, Darren and Em (who reads this blog! :S) and my old teachers who seemed happy to see me. It was...nice in the purest sense of the word.

Big news pending, I am to be prescribed anti-depressants. It would be a more scared post about it being five years in the making if it wasn't for Dad speaking up about hormones because my periods for the last two, three years have been more or less non-existent. I'm seeing an endocri-summat-gist first to affirm I haven't got some hormone freakery. It's annoying because it pushes an extra two months from me getting these drugs. Unfortunately I couldn't start shouting at my Dad in front of psych so I have to go along with it. Grr.

Ric has been amazing. He is more than a little nuts (only last week I was used as a ranting box about Oxbridge because his gorgeous intelligent girlfriend is going there and he's a complete Marxist). I told I felt like I was boxing underwater (quickest thing I could say on text) and he said that without me being responsible his life would look like Kosovo, which was sweet. He also wrote me a mini-script in Icelandic to help me learn and says I could use his name and birthday to enter for this script-writing competition (£15,000 first place! And I do have an idea for a play, but I can't tell you yet!)

Ooh, I won my debating thing - I managed to prove that religion is not inherently evil! And it is evil at the core, but the direction people have taken it, fundamentalism, evangelism, arrogance and disharmony has made religion rotten. It can be fixed, but I can't elaborate on this at the moment because I'm near to collapse. Keep on trucking. Happy Birthday DM!

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Disgruntledgoat said...

Hahahaha, yer mate ric reminds me of me.