Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Photos: A Tiny Bit of the City

See! See! I did this! Like months ago not too far from Piccadilly, and Foyles and Tottenham Court Road next to this gorgeous shop that sold walking sticks and bowler hats and cigars in these strange place that set me straight me back in the Victorian city without the piss and the crinolines. It turned out a lot better than I thought it did.

Seems like the perfect place to get drunk and racy with Stephen Fry don't you think?

This is in-between Richmond and Kingston (South of the Thames) on the 65 bus. It's not bad and I only had one shot because my damn camera only 6 MB reserve memory and this was my last space. It's not bad...

This is the Chinese garden in Kew Gardens - its a bit expensive to visit if you're broke like me but its very lovely garden. It was taken with Ric*, Alex* and Anna* (*names have been changed) on New Years' Eve just after we went ice skating and my butt was freezing because I had fallen over on the ice. They had just tried out my chocolate-nut-and-nutmeg cake with nutella frosting (pretty divine if I say so myself) and Ric was off pretending to be a squirrel. It was one of the best days of 2005. This photo is terrible and doesn't really do it justice but hey! it's a glimpse now its time for you to find more; discover London.

I got a couple of other photos too blurry to show, but there you are: 6 MB of camera, a tiny slice of London and a mini-blog exhibition. I hope you like them. x

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