Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm Feeling Quite Heavenly

I love whacking flies and killing spiders because they simply do not belong in my world. Never. Ever. I'm reading my 6th Murakami novel, quite untalked about too: South of The Border, West of the Sun - at the moment, a very young feeling novel all about growing pains and the devastation of beauty and all that.

University is lovely. Honestly. It's confusing and I've been hit with wave after wave of bureaucracy and thoughtlessness and stressfulness and no moneys (have got £20 pounds to last me into October.) There's a Pirate themed pub crawl I would love to go to, and my first ever university lecture, on Mind and Language, starts tomorrow morning. I haven't really broke down yet. The tiredness has come from low level anxiety, my meds only give me a little nausea, I still haven't cut or purged and I'm eating healthily, like meats and noodles and grilled aubergines. Actually for the perfect sandwich, you must have grilled aubergine with cinnamon and brown sugar, grilled bacon and grilled cheese on toast as a sandwich. It is frankly divine. I would also add some chilli pepper but that depends on what you want...

Anyway, I was only posting about this quiz result because it makes me feel a bit more special in this new scary city where dinner is "tea" and everyone says "t'internet":

You scored 60% mad, 55% wild, and 5% wannabe!
You are clever. And you are crazy. You have awesome ideas, a powerful wit, and no inhibitions to stop you. You will not be soon forgotten. You're a HURRICANE! You have tremendous power, and you do exactly what you want, whenever you want. Some people worship you, others hate you. But one thing is for certain: wherever you go, nothing will ever be the same again.
The Fundamental Weirdness Test

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Barrett said...

The way I best deal with anxiety is by distraction. The I-need-to-solve-my-life feeling is common for me but it always feels better if I am doing SOMETHING. That mind and language lecture would be cool. Sidenote: I don't think I've ever had aubergines. It sounds like you have lots of things to keep you entertained though so with a little luck you won't fall apart. First year university is always the most stressful. It gets better.