Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Strange Sensations

Heylo, I started this post on Friday evening, but I couldn't be arsed to finish it, but guess what? Something weird did happen on Halloween.

I managed to get to sleep through music bribery (I listened to most of Beth Orton's album to calm my brain down with the prospect of seven pieces of homework and two essays for my Oxbridge application, due on the 10th. Then, on Monday morning, after rolling my way onto the bus and into college, I recieved the news that my gigantic, scary, monsterish Oxbridge Special History Exam has been set for Wednesday.


Morning. Eek!

I stared at my apologetic looking politics teacher who gave me the news, ready to scream "WHY didn't you tell me earlier so I could pretend I tried to study over half term?!" and it turns out he only just found out today, yet all my other Oxbridge classmates knew...grr. I wondered why this had to happen, now, this week, when I'm feeling so stressed and unflexible and foggy. I did walk by a white cat in a bush, which is frankly a bit weird. I've never seen strange acting white fluffy cats sitting still next to train tracks. That would explain it, right? The test is basically all about the nature of history, rather than its content. It's basically some stressy sort of I.Q test, and you can't revise for it....thats why it's so scary. It's happening at 9 am tomorrow morning, so wish me luck?

Anyway, continuing my other post...

On Friday it was my friend's 18th birthday, and as he was a very intelligent, sophisticated, fun kinda guy it was going to be that kinda day. Me and Rich met up with our birthday buddy (BB) and his girlfriend, Anna. First we went to the trendy chinese restaurant and had lots of chillies and starters, of which BB paid for most of it. Then, he directed us to this magical candy shop. It was this tiny place near Chinatown and sold candy from all over the world, with the exception of gobstoppers. I think we spent around £25 pounds on sweets and chocolate, including cinnamon gum, halloween sweeties and jellybeans of every flavour. Including candyfloss, toffee, chocolate pudding and garlic. I thought this was too weird to miss, so I got some of almost everything, including the garlic because I quite like garlic. It's good for my blood and I use it almost everytime I cook. I tasted lots of things I never had before, including the gum, Hershey's chocolate cookie bar, a twinkie (those things were weird, but Americans sure know how to make sweets!) and Mountain Dew, which I really liked, and is one of the things young Britons are now searching for when they go to America.

So after that first shop we went through Chinatown and down to Piccadilly to this really expensive chocolate and had some tea-infused chocolate, and this nutty chocolate ball thing that actually made my knees tremble, it was soo orgasmic! The last stop of the day was at the National Film Theatre for the London Film festival to see this short film set. It wasn't bad, although sometimes it got a bit bollocky. I was eating my jellybabies in the dark and couldn't see which flavours I had put in my mouth, and at one point in one of the films, a sex scene, I tasted the full blown taste of garlic and chocolate pudding in my mouth, jellybean form. My tongue stiffened and my mouth did that strange gagging sound you do without moving your lips. It was very funny. It didn't taste that bad in reality. It was just that one second I was tasting chocolate and general sweetness, and then this overpowering garlic thing came over me. It was really weird.

I did talk to Ria about talking to her ex boyfriend, and she's kinda okay with it, as long as of course, I don't get too friendly...

So yeah, that was a great day. I had a laugh all day from noon to 6 in the evening, but now I've got this scary exam that I don't want to fail. So I won't. Basically, if I fail this my Oxford hopes die here, and it's given me so much stress and hassle I want to keep it going for as long as my brain puts out. So tonight, I'm relaxing my brain, and enjoying stimulating reads to squeeze thy creative juices. Night night for now.


Ria Q. Undead said...

oi oi
You just THINK I'm ok with it ;}
I'm joking of course.
Man, you really are rubbing my face in it with the whole chocolate thing,aren't you cupcake?
Check this out. Orgasmic chocolate!!!
Yeah it's about damn time.
Who needs men eh?
Love you

CarpeDM said...

Mmm, chocolate. And garlic. Love garlic but yeah, that would be a whole weird taste thing.

Glad you had a good time!

Mountain Dew is quite good, isn't it? I've had to resist its evil siren call.