Friday, December 09, 2005

I Am Home

I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to tell you before I left, but I've just been through the world famous and ever mysterious Oxbridge Interviewing Process. I've also gotten slightly drunk, been dancing around this prestigious campus (the only black woman there, I tell you) in my pink polka pyjamas because its just strange, chatted to some ducks and danced with some strange men, but thats all for later because I have to wake up later in the morning. :)

Ooh - I've crossed the two week no cutting barrier!
Doesn't mean that I don't want to do it, because I do - but I've taken in some sort of well-worn desire to just not do it. I'm reading two very conflicting books - Kafka On The Shore (nothing much to do with the writer, by Haruki Murakami) which every whim and sin is fulfilled and acted upon, and then there's Stephen Fry's autobiography where he's acting upon his childhood desires at this point but is full of such self loathing, bloody cleverness, detachment and lies that he seems just like me and I have so much hope that I may as interesting and engaging at 50 as Mr Fry is. He's the closest thing I've got to an idol so far, so cheerio Mr S. Fry.

And tomorrow I'm going Christmas shopping with Ria - at last, I haven't seen her in over two months - and I'll be keeping my readers - lurkers and commenters alike, for sure. Is there anything you really really desire right now? Everlasting love? Everlasting sex? A hot pink I-pod? Money, wisdom, magic is no object I'm feeling very generous today.

So spill.


unfurling said...

so you shopping in Kingston??? Im shopping there today!

Serialangel said...

No, I've been persuaded to shop in Harrow to meet this new shiny boyfriend of Ria's. Best friend duty.

I was shopping in Kingston last week though. Be careful, it's like Oxford Street and just as bewildering! I loved your blog; it was one of my favourites and I hope everything is good. What do *you* want for Christmas?

CarpeDM said...

Congrats on the no cutting for two weeks! I'm very happy about that.

What do I want for Christmas? For you to be happy. To have Gil kiss me. World peace. A million dollars. To weigh 180 again. Yeah, that would be good.

Merry Christmas!