Monday, December 19, 2005

Daisies are my favourite flowers

My oh my I had a great post I was going to write.
I was going to talk about using the train late at night, the rivulets of Christmas, and Uzi. But of course I get a thumping cold. I feel dread. And I've got to do my hair in two days (blue extensions! electric blue :) And I can barely move and if I laugh too much I feel like I will cough up my spinal cord and I'm drinking to get myself to sleep. But no one needs 6 shots of tequila to get to sleep, right? Hell, anything except paracetemol is entering my system. Okay, so happy thoughts...I've won an I-pod nano! Just for using the library. Isn't it wonderful to be rewarded for loving books (especially the 20 history books waiting patiently to be studied. Strange thing is, I'm looking forward for the moment I'm ok to really read these books. It's empowering being a geek.) I'm still waiting for my Oxbridge rejection letter. It's over a day late coming and it's making me nervous, even though I prefer the course at Sussex, but I would still love to get into Oxford, just for that option. I hope you like the flowers!


CarpeDM said...

I love daisies as well, especially Gebera ones.

How do you know you're going to get a rejection notice? It could be good news.

That's great about the iPod. I hope you feel better soon.

CarpeDM said...

Got my card! That is so cute! Merry Christmas to you (okay a little late)!

CarpeDM said...

I'm alive (albeit looking like warm crap served on toast). Happy New Year!