Friday, November 17, 2006

It's Been One of Those Nights

(I'm afraid this will be messy and badly organised until Monday. Read it anyway!)

Tonight has been very, very eventful.

At first I was to be going on a date with a new-found murakami fan. There's me getting carried away again. I'm still looking for a girlfriend, after all. But msn and the internet conspired against me and i ended up going out all bootylicious by myself. Then, I bumped into one of my friends and her sister at the bar, but ended up getting separated because I was on the guestlist which I had to verify downstairs. Now, I was going to see Miss Amy Winehouse at uni to review her stuff for Fuse FM. I made him email them twice - and I still was somehow not on the list. I was hoping not to seem to poncey although it was pretty cool that I was doing all this journalist stuff. Should definitely do this more often! But then of course I wasn;t on the list.

I was saved by this lovely skinny black girl called Temika who reminded me of my baby cousin Sophie, but is like 23 has two degrees, learning to be a teacher and speaks four languages including portugeese (I cant spell it :o) She got the tickets by blagging her way onto the guestlist from the opening act, Bobby Kray. He was lovely, a cutie - looked like Justin Timberlake, but more European (tanned i thinks) and had a better voice. He was to be this sort of soulful pop reggae thing, and was surrounded by the real deal with two rasta guitarists who might have well been my uncles, and the two backing singers were two big black beautiful ladies in white. We even went backstage and drank wine! So surreal, considering I only met her like 30 minutes ago. So we all chatted, and they smoked pot (wasn;t at all interested really.) and Temika was very charming and compelling, being all crazy and making everyone laugh. I did my fair bit too. And we danced as well with the band as we watched Miss Amy do her thing. She was very cool. I love her voice, but when all you're talking is about love, which of course is a many splendoured thing that affects everything in our lives, but really can just as easily roll into one long long song. The set was picked up by the saxophonist and trumpeter in pyjamas and the two gorgeous black male back up singers who Temika loved dearly. They had a really cute smile :). The highlights for me was defintely stronger than me, rehab and this song that I just can't remember. One of the other problems with the gig is that I couldn't understand what she was saying. Maybe her voice is just incomprehensibly sexy, or just plain incomprehensible. She did look gorgeous, even if she have a "pickee-head" (any caribbean peeps will understand lol.) And she didn't look anorexic either, just a bit travel weary which can always affect weight.

Being with Temika and the band backstage just reminded me how uncool and well, Vanilla I am. I mean sure I understood what the rastas were saying most of the time, but I had trouble getting into a conversation with them because I was speaking Queens english compared to them and it was really weird. And evetyone knew everyone all the old djs and market ppl in Hackney or Sheperds Bush. I missed home. I wish I could have joined in but most of my friends were white becaus ein High school we were in this intellectual chasm and I was just too different from them to get on, or want to get on with them. And they bullied me quite a bit (well like one of them but she was the ringleader). Anyways, my Dad was a super hot dj and knew lots of rastas but I;m so bad with names it would have been pointless hmm ^o) At least I got to hug everybody. They thought I was adorable and could tell I wasn't a faker, which I liked. I even saw Amy Winehouse up close! She pinched Temika's bum and walked off (I think it was jokey lol) and went to Po Na Na's (I know.) as recommended by some freak out fans who would probably be sick at the thought of me somehow blagging my way backstage with everybody. Of course, eventually packed off. One guy said I was adorable and never wanted to stop hugging me lol! He reminded me of the general super cool dude I tend to hang out with at my rock festivals during the summer so I got him str8 away.

And then they went to London...leaving with having swapped numbers (with Temika. She gets what she wants hahaha) and then promptly met some of her close friends by complete surprise. We were all gonna get driven down when suddenly, the guys car wasn't there. It had been stolen. It was scary like that, how your things can just disappear. You don't really assume your car can be stolen. So we took a taxi. And then I fried some turkey in soy sauce, honey, black pepper which was delicious with cheese on toast. And here I am. What a weird night.

Oh, and Megan called. I hadn't spoke with her since before August so I had no idea how she was doing. I wonder what she think that I ended up as part of the cool crowd, even though frankly I just don't belong there. I used to be in love with her a long time ago, then I hated her, now I miss her, then I didn't. Hmm. Don't know what to do with her!!

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sirbarrett said...

That's quite a night! I like how the picture matches as well. Sounds like you have a very musical family. Do you think you'll see Temika again?