Sunday, November 28, 2004


= Such a stupid British word heehee =

Anyway, the coolest compliment has been paid to me: a fan (? A cool australian gal anyways) thought my blog were pages out of a book. That rules...either my life is that interesting or/and up to a point my writing is that good, and that is only a compliment, so cheers #Megan# - get a blog! Its free and your life sounds cool. So there.

Anyway, back to previous weird post...well, yeah I didn't eat till 9pm when I had a bowl of malted wheats and I felt so gross I just wanted to throw it all back up. It wasn't too hard really - I was out of the door and at Oxfam there's nothing to eat anyway, and you're so cold because the door's open and so you just drink loads of ribeana and everything is just fine. Then I ran out of the shop into Dad's car to go househunting with my aunties and we went round this mini Palace of Minos (lots of little rooms you can't do anything with, not particularly a maze) in Staines, and just looking round Surrey until we went to Feltham. Now, if you don't know this place, no worries - its famous for an infamous young offenders institution: therefore crime. But this is all from one council estate which is being knocked for a shopping centre.......

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