Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Good News! Good News everybody!

I have something very important to tell you all...brace yourselves, all of you.

I have won Live 8 tickets! The gig of my generation! For possibly, hopefully, the convention of my generation (which is fucked up - they can't even agree on the food. Cherie Blair doesn't want lobster so they have to change the whole menu for their banquet. And they want to get some sumptuous caviar from Iran as its the cheapest from there, but of course as Bush has denounced it as another bloody axis of evil so they have to spend more money. Why bother eating? Whats the point? How can they feel real conviction for these people who have to drink infested muddy water when they have the maddening superiority to hassle themselves over lobster and caviar. Bah. Maybe Edinburgh shouldn't serve them at all, but give them peasant African grub or deep fried pizza or something like that. And these people are going to solve poverty.) I cannot wait. I mean, its the best one of the lot - the Hyde Park gig. Where else will you find Coldplay, Razorlight, Muse, Michael Jackson (possibly) and PINK FLOYD on the same day. W00T! W00T, indeed.
Secondly, you may have read about my Global Graduates interview, for which I was late for and knew pitifully little about art and all the meaning of art. I got through!!! This was 30 people out of 100 out of the thousands who could have taken part in my age group. It means that I will be busy some Saturdays, and I don't know how that'll affect me. I have to go now, but I'll add to my good news. Apparently I'm gifted again. Not again.

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