Monday, January 23, 2006

The Day Conversation Died

After sleeping for over ten hours, I began Monday by spurning my alarm clock's advances. By the time I paid it any attention it was 10:30 and my first and only lesson of the day was starting in half an hour. I have to say I even impressed myself - awake, dressed, washed and ready for school in under 15 minutes, I was only twenty minutes late for my riveting lesson on Liberalism. I did feel for my lecturer, Thomas. Being at a FE college seems to loosen lecturer's tongue - they just seem to despair more than most teachers in sixth form colleges. He compared himself to the monks and nuns who were the first teachers at Cambridge and Oxbridge: "We give up our lives for you!" Note, this was not said in a hysterical neurotic way, just a jokey clenched smile way that was generally fact. They keep reminding me why I should never be a teacher but I can't help but be interested.

Anyways, after this me and Ric went for our typical cafe lunch thing with Alec. It went fine for 20 minutes, but then the conversation just died, like a vacuum going down the side of the sofa and getting all the crumbs...fufft. It was horrible. It wasn't like a natural silence, or a comfortable thing; it just came out nowhere and we had to re-evaluate our lives. What were we doing? We had nothing to say - no one was breaking down, our families were fine, Ric had made a deal with Rene to just avoid each other in the future. I was going to see Ria, three buses later. Things are in fact, quite pleasant. So why the silence? Does happiness need no such chatter? No, it was just things were well, boring. Having literally nothing to say is a staple of college life we learn to live with. Cos no one is that interesting. I just need to live a little more. So...

Three buses later I was at Ria's abode, after not seeing my Best Friend In The Universe (B-FIT-U) since before Chrismas, so we shared extra special hugs, and excited her by telling her about this chocolate cafe in Kingston that does chocolate fondue...oh, and I should mention that she was in her jammies at 3pm when I came down, and when I left at 5:30 she was about to change out of them. It's very Ria of her. :) (And hellooo to Ria's boyf Duluxl if he's reading.)

We had a lovely cup of tea because I was freezing and watched The Anchorman with Will Ferrell which I thought was hilarious and had many people I loved like Ben Stiller and the guy from the Wedding Crashers. We didn't speak as much as usual. We didn't need to. We just needed to comfort each other and hope our problems would go away. Here, conservation died but it was a glorious death and I'm sure it'll resurrect itself no problem.

Now, it's five to 1 am and I need to be up in 5 and a half hours so I'm going. Bye. Oh, and today (well, yesterday) was the most miserable day of the year. I beg to differ: The 12th is way worse cos then you realise this year is pretty much the same as the last, right? And on this note I bid you adieu, or something:

"Well maybe you should just drink a lot less coffee,
And never ever watch the ten o'clock news.
Maybe you should kiss someone nice
Or lick a rock
Or both
Maybe you should cut your own hair
Cause that can be so funny
It doesn't cost any money
And it always grows back,
Hair grows even after you're dead

...People are just people
They shouldn't make you nervous
The world is everlasting,
It's coming and its going" (Ghost of Corporate Future, Regina Spektor)

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Hawaii Vixen said...

Some say silence is golden, some claim it deafening. Either way it is strange that there is less to say when things are fine and too many words to find when things aren't. Good luck with the 90%/ 10% thing and good luck with the crush. Peace.