Friday, September 09, 2005

Ahh, argh! First day at college.

I was too complacent. After all, my first lesson was at 11am and I was of course much nearer now. Already I'm back to my bad eating ways. Case in point: I had grapes for breakfast. I just couldn't be bothered to grab a bowl, let alone pour things and use a spoon. Preposterous. So yeah, I left the house and I knew I was already before I missed the two buses and burst into my English class, 20 minutes late and sweaty.

It turned out that I was the only person in my class to get the Golden "A", so that perked me up. We got straight into our lessons, but it should a hoot because it's all to do with writing skills. If I don't get an A in that, I'll eat myself. Somehow, I'll figure it out. But we got homework in our first lesson and face it, thats just really unfair. Then again, its a fair revenge. Some of them have forgotten how to write. They just look at their pens and put on this confused face and I think "WHY WHY WHY are these my fellow English students?"

So then, I played gooseberry with my friend Clare and Ickarus (the beautiful couple) - it was ok, I shared her cheese baguette and had a substandard cornetto. History was a drag. Turns out I'm supposed to be reading boring old farts about the Chinese Cultural revolution - does anyone know anything! about it? I'd really appreciate it.

Today was my poetry workshop and it was pretty cool. I got compared to John Donne and now I have to read him to instill his "elegant diction" or something. Now Ria is on my bed, lying on her back and moaning. Not in the good way though! She's a big moaner, but only because she's in a lot of pain. She just had a hole in her shin, poor thing. I'll write more in the morning.

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