Sunday, September 04, 2005

We've all been spoiled...because we're not paying enough DAMN attention!

New Orleans, a beautiful city, left to waste.

People left to die in the world's richest nation.

People dying of hunger next to the world's fattest country. (Texas)

The public, restrained by TV-surfing and that solid expectation that everything will always be alright.

People stealing fridges when they got no home! A Shoot to Kill Policy! Has everyone - everyone! lost their minds?

And then Iraq. It still strikes me numb that the mere mention of a suicide bomber can leave 700 people dead - more than they ever kill usually. They must have died laughing. They must have found it uplifting and hilarious, having that sort of power.

I've got loads more to say, but I want to introduce you to someone first - one of my favourite fanfic writers (and best),and and an army officer, giving a thorough piece of her mind. She wants this spread, and I want to help her. I am 17 after all, in London with no job and no chance of really saving lives. But I can help with some justice, if you'll help me.

Michelle, the army lady, sums up the whole situation - the world's situation, but mainly America right now: If you're not pissed off, you're not paying attention. Okay, so she chock-full of emotion but I want to show just the depth of anger here.

Well said.

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