Friday, September 23, 2005

Name Change Soon!

So strange, this watching the six o clock news, knowing that in six hours over in America there are normal people sitting in their shacks, or their houses, or their flats with their pets, with their loved ones, or on their own watching their old houses or stuck in the middle of the madness - waiting, just waiting. I hope everyone in in Texas and the people of Hurricane Rita will be ok.

It's been a terrible year for weather. We've had tsunamis in SE Asia, tornados in Birmingham, three Hurricanes in America and the WestIndies and floods and heatwaves just about everywhere else. A global problem that had been perpetuated globally and that we have to fix or my generation and my baby cousin's generation has little chance of survival, or plain happy times. My generation is already fated to live fast, die young. Maybe even a revolution. That'll be cool.

Good thing that we its so much easier now to reach out beyond walls and touch someone in New Zealand. I love it. Ok, ok, my life has been boring. My supposed journalist mentor has dropped out but I can still go on to get an internship at Sky which has a base in Isleworth. Ha! How random. So yes, boring life. And...I will changing my diary name to Successful F*ck Up at around 28th of September. Time for a change, long gone.

To stop myself feeling guilty for not cooking all week I decided to make chicken and home made chips for my Dad and bro. It soon became beefburger and chicken steaks with year-old frozen curry because it turned out there was hardly any food in the house! Then the grill exploded again and my brother took it upon himself to watch me cook and note down everything I did wrong. Grr. But now its all fixed and I'm stuffed, but I don't like being watched doing exercise and I'm sore all over. It's been a fat week. On Weds, at double history we had cake and tea day and I had three slices of homemade american style cheesecake and chocolate brownies. I've only had breakfast once this week too. I'm going to be so fat!

Also, I offer my best mate soulmate, Ria, proverbial grapes as she's in hospital at the mo, the poor thing. Get Well Soon!

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CarpeDM said...

Why is Ria in the hospital? Why is your brother such a dick? Inquiring minds want to know.