Friday, July 08, 2005

And So On

Yesterday is like a dream.

Everyone is making jokes - no one is scared shitless. "Fear spreads from East to West, North to South", the "Brand-Spanking-New organized European based terrorist group formally known as Al-Qu'eeda proclaims.

Actually, we join together North to South, East to West, you thought wrong. I mean, come on. We've been beat up, blown up, set on fire, rioted time and time again. You, whoever you are, your Cuntish behaviour is not going to destroy this grand, tough-as-old-boots-city.

We are in fact infulging (indulging with feeling) in our revenge right now. We're going to work. Thousands of people went to work yesterday. They went to their office jobs, they answered telephone calls. It was almost normal.

Millions of people are out in force today. We can use our legs, and our boats and our buses which have been stupendous, I must say. Our revenge involves water coolers and looking up jokes on the internet. We are drinking Frappuccinos and reading the papers. We are still very concerned about Africa.

London is full of intellectuals, arseholes, have-a-go-heroes. There is a ton of religion bubbling away - whoever said two religions live side by side is wrong: what about Judaism (sp? it just seems wrong), Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Orthodox, the list goes on. And the lists don't matter - we all helped each other. And we are mourning, and we are searching. And we will find you. My heart goes out to the 50 + people who have needlessly lost their lives, the 700 + who have been injured and their families.

Bloggers have united. I like this. It feels like an online army of information and opinions, even if we have no central place. We are all checking up on each other. And its only morning.

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