Friday, July 22, 2005

The Last Box

Packed, sealed, signed. Now it just needs to be delivered. It took only 4 boxes to pack my life up. It makes it seem quite significant, but coming from my box room (It's as long as me, and I'm 5 foot 4!) its special. I still have some of my CDs out, and I'm itching to listen to Razorlight. I can't believe I'm actually leaving this house. Even though everything is packed, the house looks really messy. I'm moving to Feltham, but the house is lovely and I'm getting a bigger room. Its been my home for 14 and as far as things go its the most constant thing in my lifetime. It was my grandparents first home when they moved from Jamaica, my Dad grew up, flew the nest and bought it back from my grandparents when I was three. And now I'm leavng.

I haven't got long! Tomorrow is moving day AND its my first Global Graduates seminar. Very challenging. No internet for two weeks as well, sorry. I'm going to try and get better. Healthier, etc. Bye! Be lovely!

Betty xx