Saturday, July 09, 2005

Political Confuzzlement

Calling all bloggers

It's been a couple of days. I'm in Ealing, miles from the action and so I can't say much. We've all been very good, but some sort of tired, lethargy has come to take over our senses. Many people are angry, with their own ideas and prophecies and who we are. Everyone claims to be right.

(I just love this)

I take this opportunity to say I really do love Lioness - she's a strong passionate woman and I hope to be something like her one day. But right now, I do not have the hate in her heart. And I am not an Israeli. I don't think any Londoners are actually thinking like that. We think of the politicians we voted in for (NOTE: Blair got in on 35% of the vote - thats 25% of the electorate. The lowest percentage ever in British political history. More people voted him out than in, that was thanks to our electoral system.) and the choices they made.

You always think why? Why Iraq and not Zimbabwe? I agree that things needed to be done, but with such arrogance! You feel as if its a game to them, like they watched too many Hollywood movies. This whole Israeli/Palestinian situation I don't understand. Such hate can only have religious foundations and fundamental fuck-ups. I dare not side with anyone cos I never understand the need to kill anybody. Thats my fundamental belief.

But you know what has me confused right now? The results of the G8 summit. They're quite terrible. Bob Geldof seems pleased but I know it's know what he wanted at all. They certainly didn't double the aid, and they are asking the debt-released countries to open their markets first before opening theirs. This can't be good. Their markets will be so open (think of it like a lady opening her long legs) they will get screwed over. Unfair trade will ruin them, and whenever the G8 countries open up their markets, the economy of the poorer countries will be so weak it'll take much longer for them to recover. Thats not fair.

The answer could be that the G8 countries open up their markets to these poorer countries, and have the poorer countries put up tariffs until they recover and become something like equals. Made trade biased to the poorer countries until you they can trade equally. Thats my idea. What do people think about it? And why the hell won't Bush even comprehend that climate change is happening and that its BAD? America is a country full of entrepreneurs who I bet have tons of ideas to save our planet. They're denying them.

And now the whole terrorist thing. True, it's naive to believe that negotiating with terrorists is possible. And that Islam is a warrior religion. From my point of view, Christianity is just as bad, and fundamentalists on both sides can be just as callous and cold and evil as each other when provoked, when given a reason, a purpose they cannot ignore from some invisible man.

But my political confuzzlement comes from the fact that I'm only 17 with a lifetime of experience ahead of me and a fucked up mind to deal with. And the fact that my ideas about trade seem so plausible and easy, but of course nothing is easy when political bureaucracy gets in the way. We're so greedy and our minds (I have to say, Blair's heart is in the right place and Gordon Brown is being brilliant) are just derailed by this. And despite our intentions we're going down the road of terror and needless death and fear. We're falling down this tunnel at 150 miles per hour.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, after all. What is the road to heaven paved with? Rubies? Good luck? Invisible will? Furballs?!


Steve said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog.

I'm off to the Boradway - by bus- to drink London Pride tonight, which sounds somehow appropriate.

I don't get the G8 results either but I haven't had time to study it in full.

Look after yourself.

The Lioness said...

Sorry to disappoint, honey, but I don't hate them, not really. I do wish they'd all spontaneously combust and I am mad and heartbroken but hate? No, not at all. Don't be misled by all the bad words, that is simply me letting the toxins out. You'll nsee it time and time again.

CarpeDM said...

Hey. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I hope everything is going well.

Hey, where did you get the tea, dammit button? I WANT it with a deep and abiding passion. It is wonderful.

unfurling said...

just to say i dropped by...

Serialangel said...

CarpeDM - No problems, hun I wanted to help. You can just copy and paste the Tea Dammit thingy - I just copied it off someone else's page, but now I can't find it.

Unfurling - Greetings! Just went to Richmond today actually - very pretty, but painfully hot. Whats your opinion on the blog?

The UL/Bloc Party fan from LJ said...

Now, we must be some kind of soul-mates.. ;P Your thoughts about terrorism/politics/Blair is nearly identical to mine! Especially Islam vs. Christianity. I've grown up in a religious home, but I can't call myself religious in any way...I feel that religion nowadays is just a hollow thing void of the meaning it once had. I mean, with a nazi-pope, could it get any worse?

Anyways, just wanted to drop by... every UL-fan enjoys a conversation with fellow UL-fans.. ;)