Saturday, October 22, 2005


I've been reading over my blog the last few days forgetting that its mine and it's been since I've updated it, since I do have things to talk about. There's a cute Welsh girl involved, some childish romance games between friends of mine and general mindfuckery and book speculation. Maybe it's because I have too much homework. I'd finish off this post but its 1.21 in the morning and the cute welsh girl is going to mention my name on national radio tomorrow morning. Being unawake is not an option. Will finish!

Adjourned, 1.22 am 22 nd October (why is it nearly the 11th hour of 2005?)

I could cry. I've just spent the best part of two hours conducting this, and I lost it because I clicked on spell check!!!! I'm never going to get this post done. That is evil!

I met a cute welsh girl on South West trains. We got attracted to each other because we both had notebooks, but using them differently. Cute Welsh Girl was sketching the faces of football fans on the trains while I took down the addresses of newspapers (it was a book I borrowed for this review I never wrote) in the hope of getting her attention.

It did, but we didn't talk for another ten minutes until we saw this guy on the platform at Clapham in these black netting fabric shirt, black leather trousers in a long black ponytail, black brogues and this giant black duffel bag. I joked he was on a goth pilgrimage (cos he really, really was_ and we got talking. She really cool and interesting in her own cute sweet way. Cute Welsh Girl has blonde hair and glasses, and is in her first year at University after getting three A's at A level. At the moment she is homeless, after living in Wales all her life as her parents sold the family home, bought a Pirates of the Caribbean stylee boat and are sailing all over the world. Her personality is very bright and chatty, funny, almost normal but too quirky and intelligent to be so. She likes books. That's all I need. As we kept talking she told me she had never been to London before, this was her first time on the tube, and she was going to Piccadilly circus. I really felt for her, so I took a detour and directed her to Piccadilly, telling her what I know as a Londoner, born and raised. It turns out we both love the National Portrait Gallery, so I might fix a date for her soon. She also works for student radio, and actually did mention me as her "London Guide". We've only sent each other a couple of emails but I really like her. Unfortunately, I have this creepy feeling she might be straight, which would be so annoying because I like her a lot. I don't know what to do next, I'm crap at relationships...and I'm going to have to think of something soon. Anyone get any ideas?

And god, the rest: crazy friends, books, painting the house. Thats what I've been doing all weekend. Me and Dad dressed up and we've been painting the living room a "zesty" yellow with "warm terracotta". It looks bright and really homely. Dad wants to put stencils up and I must stop him. I'm also covered in paint and feel quite dykey and rugged. I love painting walls. I love it when it stir the paint and it's all thick and gloopy. I love just messing around getting paint under your fingernails and then just lying on the sofa with the Independent on Sunday and a biscuit to admire your handiwork. There's also some skill to it like... to get the edges of the brush, you gotta wiggle it a little to make sure it's gets everywhere. We've only done half of it so far, so I'll be painting while Dad's at work. I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Damn blogger!


CarpeDM said...

Interesting. Cute Welsh girl? Radio?

Oh, sure, leave me hanging.

Get some sleep.

Metal Angel said...

What a beautiful landscape in the photo!

I'll be waiting for the story of the cute Welsh girl ;) Hope you had some sleep and did wake up early enough...

The Lioness said...

Well, if she's straight no amount of relationship advice will help you I'm afraid. Is there anyone you know w a great gaydar who could meet her as well? that's all I can think of. That and, fancying someone we cannot have is absolutely bad. Hope she's gay, hope she's gay!

Now, Blogger. YES, sod Blogger. So you survive, I suggest you type your posts in word first, that's what I do. (Also, you might want to save your template as a word doc as well, Blogger used to have a bug that ate up 2/3 of the template and the blog only showed the background. It happened to me 3 times and don't know if it has been fixed. I could have lost my whole blog, gah!!!)