Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Quick Confessions

Decided to try out this meme from DM. It's all about confessions.

[] I am bisexual.

[x] I am homosexual.

[] I've run away from home.
I’ve planned it lots. Looked out for cheap coach trips, written letters. One time, when I was 7 I found a big box, packed some books in it and labelled the box for Hollywood, but I didn’t get anywhere.

[x] I listen to political music.Is Kanye West political?

[] I collect(ed) comic books.

[x] I shut others out when I'm sad.

[x] Open up to others easily.
Depends on what it’s about…

[x] Keeping a secret from the world.
Too many secrets. It may take years to release them all

[x] I watch the news.

[] I own over 5 rap CDs.

[] I own an iPod.
Can’t stand the things. Too damn technological.

[] I own something from Hot Topic.

[x] I love Disney movies.

I hate Bambi - all freaky eyes, it’s sooo dull. I love Shrek, Jungle Book and Toy Story though.

[x] I am a sucker for eyes.

[] I don't kill bugs.

I have managed to kill every spider I’ve come across. They just don’t survive in my prescence.

[X] I curse regularly.

[] I have "x"s in my screen name.

[x] I've slipped out a "lol" in a real conversation.
Yes. I do hang thy head in shame. But she didn’t notice!

[] I like Spam.

[x] I bake well.
I’m good with biscuits.

[x] I would wear pajamas to school.

How great would it be to literally jump out of bed, brush my teeth, grab my bag and run onto the bus without any judgement.

[] I own something from Abercrombie.

[] I have a job.
Believe me, I’m trying.

[] I love Martha Stewart.

[] I am in love with someone.
I wish I knew!

[] I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS.
It could happen, once you force it out.

[x] I am self conscious.

[x] I like to laugh.

[] I smoke a pack a day.

[] I loved Go Ask Alice.

[x] I have cough drops when I'm not sick.
I love Lemon Lockets!

[x] I can't swallow pills.
But I really don’t like it.

[x] I have many scars.
I’m a self harmer, so….arms, chest, stomach and thighs.

[x] I've been out of this country.

[] I believe in ghosts.
If I believed in ghosts I figure I really would lose my mind!

[x] I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room.
That’s why every two weeks I fill my bedroom with insecticide. They-Must-Die!!!

[x] I am really ticklish.

[x] I love chocolate.

[] I bite my nails.

[] I am comfortable with being me.

[x] I play computer games/video games when I'm bored.
Only windows pinball. I don’t really care for computer games.

[x] Gotten lost in the city.

[x] Saw a shooting star.
I might have been imagining it. I hope I wasn’t.

[] I had a serious Surgery.

Depends. Does having your tonsils ripped out qualify as serious surgery?

[] Gone out in public in your pyjamas.

[] I have kissed a stranger.

[x] Hugged a stranger.

[] Been in a fist fight with the same sex.

[] Been arrested.

[] Laughed and had your drink come out of your nose.

[x] Pushed all the buttons on an elevator.

[] Made out in an elevator.

[] Swore at your parents.

[x] Kicked a guy where it hurts.

[] Been skydiving.

[] Been bungee jumping.

[] Broken a bone.

[x] Played spin the bottle.

[] Gotten stitches.

[] Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour.

[x] Bit someone.

[] Been to Niagara Falls.

[x] Gotten the chicken pox.
Three times! You’d think its not possible but it is!

[x] Crashed into a car.

[] Been to Japan.

[x] Ridden in a taxi.

[] Been fired.

[x] Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back.
Doesn’t everyone?

[x] Stole something from your job

[] Gone on a blind date.

[x] Had a crush on a teacher/coach.
This blonde careers advisors at my college. She’s beautiful, and has a super-sexy voice. I forget to like, speak or breathe properly when she’s around. I think its funny.

[] Celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans.Does Miami count?

[x] Been to Europe.
I live in Europe!

[] Slept with a co-worker

[] Been married.

[] Gotten divorced.

[x] Saw someone dying.
I remember seeing this guy before and after he jumped in front of a car. His brains were all over the motorway. No one else in the car except me seemed to see it.

[] Driven over 400 miles in one day.
Yeah, Alton towers and back…around 400-450? That was one of the best days I’ve ever had as a father/daughter thing.

[] Been to Canada.

[x] Been on a plane.

[x] Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

[x] Thrown up in a bar.

[x] Eaten Sushi.

[] Been snowboarding.

[x] Been skiing.

[x] Been ice skating.

[x] Met someone in person from the internet.

[] Been to a motocross show.

[x] Going to or have gone to college.

[] Done hard drugs.

[x] Taken painkillers.


CarpeDM said...

This was fun, wasn't it? You have to love the memes.

Hot Topic is this weird/trendy store where you can buy cool tshirts and goth stuff and bumper stickers and more stuff.

Diana asked me this so I'll ask you...what box do you want to check next?

Serialangel said...

I think that I would love to go to Japan. And get a job - an easy, well paid job. But first and foremost I want to be comfortable in my own skin.