Friday, October 14, 2005

Today I had a Dance Attack

I've had a long, but lucky-full Friday: the disastrous solid traffic that has been making me late for the last three weeks and bringing me to my knees suddenly disappeared today. I was so shocked I almost jumped off the bus! But I didn't, I was too busy reading "Affinity" by Sarah Waters which oh-my-god!! is so much than when I started to read it two years ago - it was like porridge. Now it's sweet spicy melons and Crunchy nut cornflakes, it's so good, I don't know how that happened. We had a miserable S.R for History - we think by making them reminisce about the country triggered a major midlife crisis and he hates us for it and is therefore setting up a monster essay. Oh, thank you, so very much.

Anyway, I got home to find the house empty, and promptly had two bowls of cereal - I'm telling you, I needed it! And then I turned on the TV. Lots of dance music - Call on Me (soft core dance music porn), and then Gay Bar. Even though we've been moved for three months we still don't have curtains in the front room, but I couldn't help myself. So...! If you happened to walk down my street and found a overweight black girls in messed up braids shimmying and shaking her butt like no tomorrow and singing to GayBar!! I love that song. After that it was "You get what you give" by this the New Radicals who have no style now but were soo coool back then, and then there was Texas, and Paul Weller ie: Sex God. i danced and danced. I'm still dancing now. Then I thought of celebrities I'm smitten with. Hmm.

Sharleen Spiteri. I've been in love with her for a few years now. I mean, black, sleek, straight shiny hair. Gorgeous smooth skin, kissable pink lips...yes. And a great voice and songs to boot (Halo is one of my most favourite songs ever.) I've looking up pictures of Sharleen Spiteri because I love her and then I remembered her Elvis video. It sped me on the way to being a lesbian, thats for sure. I couldn't remember how hot it actually was until....

I can't stop staring at this picture! Super sexy! Too sexy! This reminds of the joys of lesbianism every day - you're attracted to women! I see her smile, her subtle curves, the hair, the eyes the clothes. To look so much like Elvis, but knowing that there's a woman underneath just...God! I love Sharleen Spiteri.


CarpeDM said...

I don't think I recognized a single name or song you mentioned in this post. My God, I feel old.

She is very pretty. I can see why you fancy her (ha! I'm not old! Look how I slipped that bit of English slang in there. I'm really hip. Do the cool kids still say hip (yes, I'm kidding about that)?)

Ria Q. Undead said...

I TOLD YOU to Google hot people.
The hours simply fly by...
*floats off into a Daniel-Radcliffe induced coma*
Pirate name generator!
Love you
Fredina the Sexy x