Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Itch

Please, I beg you, get me away from my brother...its study leave and hes finished uni so we're in each others more than usual and more than we'd like. Specially more than I'd like..
He's rude, annoying, intrusive and incredibly frustrating just how all big brothers should be. Everytime I make a distinctive sound(I'm v. quiet at home) I'm asked what happened-exactly. Every statement i made is challenged. Sure, I like(understatement) to argue but I can't stand the fact that every little thought I have may be analysed and criticised him, because if course theres always something wrong with it. So over the past 16 years I've developed a pretty good technique of masking anything I think and just becoming like every typical non-commital, bimbo little sister. This has made me seem like a cold heartless bitch who doesn't think for herself. Heartbreaking, but at least my brother leaves me alone. By the way-his names Elliott.
I dunno, he just has to know everything about me, even though you lot know way more about me than what he may ever know. He must have some logbook, "The Every Move of Betty B". Today it would have been "Betty comes home from exam, ignoring my hellos as usual. Its the only conversation we have for the next two hours as she goes to her room with some junk no doubt and listen to the crazy racket she claims is 'music'. At 5:35pm she re-emerges, a miserable and bitter cow." End.
Is this just me, or do siblings instill a great ability for making you feel horribly guilty for your existence everytime you walk into a room? This will probably be something I look back on after my nervous breakdown...
Little did he know I was reading my new fave mag Diva...I knew about this about two months ago, but theres this Big Gay Out at Finsbury park-the nu Mardi Gras-£25! I swear you're supposed to pay for anything, I thought gayness was going back to basics, Ay-yay-nay...
Had my Marks Gospel exam-after botching up an 8mark q I entertained myself by writng various hard-to-spell names on paper like maccaroni or equilibrium and millennium...they're cool words to spell, a great boredom buster. I wonder, if you could be a dear and send some hard-to-spell words please? I've got a two hour maths exam coming and I need something to for about the hour and a half of it.

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