Monday, May 24, 2004

Overcast inspiration

Today? Well, my first exam (Marks Gospel-Re), is two days away, so I'm trying to revise. Which, in teenage speak means I'm doing everything possible to make sure I don't do just that..and I'm damn good at it. Then again, I don't really need to revise. I just don't-I'm clever and all, and believe me I'm modest about it...
Anyway, I've got a blinding headache at the back of my head, where the neck and skull joins up-bit strange for an ache, don't you think? Even so, I guess its because I've been up till 2am writing a new story. It's about teenagers who love to kill, but are truly wannabes. It's not such a far out story. Annoyingly, every good story I think of gets taken by some other author who can actually write novels and they make loads of money. So, my ultimate idea, the idea I've been developing in my mind on a soft pressure cooker for three years, will remain quiet, alone till I actually write it.
I did the IQ test, and I've gone down by 5! points-to 113. No good to me! lol, because I'm on my way to 8 A-A*s, and I've been considered a potential genius...but potential is shite...good motto.
Tomorrow? I'd say more of my life story, if you don't mind

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