Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Blog Madness

I have to say, following Lioness' post I've taken a look around at all the competitiveness, the slander, the mass of links, and the fact I don't have any but I don't mind, because people email me instead and this blog is different. Its neutral. I don't really talk about current affairs or politics, not really. This blog is my diary, and I love writing in it. Things happen during the day, like a busker celebrating Bob Marley's 60th birthday when I'm sure its last week, and I dream about my next title, any phrases I may think of. I jus enjoy writing, and blogging is an extension of my love of writing, so yes, I'll whatever I damn well want to write.

Ooh link - - it's just scary how well it works, but it must have taken ages...

Why Do People get all Nutty about BlogWars? (25 marks)

You know what? I have no idea!

  • Desperation:

Stardom, fandom, local popularity, internet popularity, mind-numbing, pant-wetting boredom...the list goes on

  • General lameness
  • Severe lack of GSOH
  • With nothing else going on...up there.

And there is my comprehensive list. If only I cared more. But I think I might menton more of current affairs but I don't think nothing much is going on at the moment.


Disgruntledgoat said...

Oit. That last bit is stolen from my blog :P.

I know they say plaguerism is the highest form of flattery, but only cheats say that. :P

I do not talk (much) politics on my blog, just complain about Tory wankers. Oh no wait, that is politics....erm....


The Lioness said...

I actually wrote that w some very specific blogs in mind, the infertility ones but yes, THANK GOD your blog is your diary, much more fun that way for us to read! There's enough rubbish in the blogosphere.

(And I'll go out on a limb and say Blogger gave you grief posting this right? You posted it three times! :DDD)