Monday, March 28, 2005

EAT DUST - Actually...

DID U KNOW? That dust has calories. Yes. Actually calories. I was just joking with Dad, trying to decide what to have for dinner, and I told to eat from the good advice of the impeccable Marjorie from Little Britain. However, Dad gave me a weird look, but I thought that was because he didn't get the joke. Turns out, dust is made up of dead human skin. Meat. Therefore eating dust makes us cannibals. Even worse, eating dust could make you fat. Is nothing sacred?!?!

My Dad has been very nice to me today. I have to say, for a Father-daughter, it's pretty preppy, even though he doesn't know this entire side of me. The closest he's ever gotten to understand my other problems is when he heard me retching in the bathroom and asked if I was alright, and didn't persue it.

However, he seemed to induce the psychic mum charm today. I woke up before 11 am for once and came down to finally start my history work, but of course he took me out for shopping instead, on one of our Primark runs. Got myself a flowery gyspy skirt *niang!* a pink jumper, a peach hoodie (it works with my skin), some off the shoulder white/grey top thats a little chav but thats ok, toe socks and nine other trainer socks of assorted colours, and a muddy brown combed cotton top that needs bangles to cover up my wrists. Then we went and got stationery. I love getting stationery - all those pens and paper waiting to be infused by a human touch of thought and creativity. I delight in it, I simply adore it. Oh, how geeky, lol. Then I had a chicken patty (I would have eaten Callaloo, I was wavy with hunger) and we went home. Then we laughed at the rats scurrying across the newly cleaned patio. We need Jamacian non-approved chemicals to work their magic, otherwise they just get plump and green/blue which happened when we had mice in my bro's bedroom.

So, now I'm looking around on the internet, reading classic slash: (the 'select hyperlink' thingy isn't working.) looking at the rising popularity of SI from sad desperate white lillies. *double takes*. Yeah. I myself haven't been aware of it. When this whole thing started for me four years ago every web board I mentioned it on found me absolutely barmy, so I didn't I just wanted to make friends. Now I'm making friends because its one of the few things I have in common with people on the internet. Then there's this site where they're asking oh how can do I cut myself, how should I kill myself (poll). I mean god, its just sick tip-sharing. I'm hearing so many stories now. Sisters passing down tips to their little kids. A bunch of 10 year olds cutting in groups, showing off their scars. An older sister cutting in front of her sister in pulic to show how its done. What the fuck is going on? I keep missing these things, this, this spread of madness, I don't know what to do about it. Then again, I could. Remember the self harm documentary post? Let me elaborate. Me, along with loads of other RYL members, are working together with this coolie director named Nicola to create this self harm documentary for channel four in September or so. Should be interesting, methinks. And I think its needed, to bring attention to this rising fashion trends. I'm seeing arm socks everywhere, even from people that don't cut, but I'm looking. Just looking. It feels horrible that these people are only people I can only connect to on the internet. Makes you an island, which no one should ever be.

I’ve just joined the NY times online paper, cos it’ll be interesting to see what goes on. And I like their arts section, because they always talk about blogs. They love blogs, I’d bet they’d be the first to go on about blog-o-sophy to become a degree course. That’d be pretty cool, actually. Anyway we bloggers should rejoice – we’ve taken water out of the bottle and returned it to the tap. By this I mean the breakdown of the superiority of gossip columnists:
NYT talks about how gossip columns just aren’t individual anymore. I don’t really think they need to be. There’s so much of it, on so many scales. Anyone can be a gossip and be good at it because human beings are simply nosy buggers who get in the way of well…everything.

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