Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Languid Language

I really should be working, lol. Ah, fuck it.Today was a preparation of sorts. I've got an essay for wednesday, a doctor's appointment to make preparation for moving. Right now I'm reading slash. I think that is what was missing from my life. It's better than poetry.

I actually started to read slash when I started cutting last february. It kept me distracted, finding this new universe and all, this new brand of writing that entertained and moved me while my mind was falling apart, piece by piece.

The doctor's appointment is about the fact that I haven't had a period since December. I'm surprised, or shocked, or scared. I'm used to never having periods, and never having a decent from them. And there's been the whole massive stress thing - with AS levels kicking in, being betrayed, being dumped, being misunderstood, depressed and terribly lonely. I probably won't get another period for the rest of my life, the way this year is going! Thats all for now, this is a modified post which no one is going to read. Onwards, upwards.

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