Saturday, May 28, 2005

Another Summer Day

Feeling suitably refreshed...I'm watching cricket, which is the best lazy summer game, I think... you get to wear long sleeves and throw balls around, there's a scheduled lunch break involved and it's so fun...
Makes me want to play cricket. I've only played one real game of cricket and it was crap cos none of the girls knew what they were doing and they were scared of the ball, of course. Actually, that reminds me of all the other games we played...Sport was completely uncool. I hated it for several reasons:

  • My shape is never suited for any type of exercise!
  • Hardly any girls are good at the sport so the only strange pleasure you get is scaring the girls by tackling them and making them do their silly girly screams...
  • The sport was usually stupid crap - like pressups or sit-ups or things to pert up your butt - many a insecurity were manifested in those classes
  • Is the girls do care, you get plowed under the overwhelming confusion and competiveness

Which brings me nicely to rounders. It was kinda like a lower, easier to understand softball but with this large ping-pong bats which would make you think that if don't hit it you've got real problems. Thing was, the girls were so scared of hitting the ball they'd jump out the way and distress the poor P.E teacher (well, no poor - she made me run. I Don't Run. But in primary school I wasn't so bad - one time I beat the fastest boy in a race). You'd spent like half an hour chatting with your friends and then pretending you know everything about the game cos you're screaming this poor girl who hit a good ball to go left, then right, then No! Stop! Stop! and she collapses into a heap on the ground, and we just leave her there - an anomaly.... The sun is hot (it never rains when you play rounders) and no one is paying attention. And then its your go.

You're given this giant ping-pong bat. The bowler is one of the lipgloss bitches and although she really hates your guts, at least she can bowl. Easy...Strike! You didn't even see it coming, and it only gets worse. In the end you just tap the ball and run for your life, everyone is screaming a million different instructions at you and the girls manning the stops keep sticking their feet out - what a test! In the end, you start chatting to the stopgirls and you lose the team points. Everyone hates you, but at least don't have to bat again.

I much prefer doing field. I'm a decent thrower and I can just dissociate with the situation and just throw and catch balls all day. I like throwing round balls, it's my thing really...and I can dissociate with anything. I think it's a reason I'm a decent writer cos I can centre myself away from all sorts of distraction like fires, broken noses, and bruised hearts.

The point of this post? There is no point!! But...I am working on my 100 things about me. Then, I'll be blinking sweetly at CarpeDM so she can fix up my this space.

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CarpeDM said...

I'll help as much as possible but I am sort of challenged. Beth is usually the one that fixes the stuff that I mess up.

Let me know when you finish the 100 things about you. I'm having problems with mine.