Friday, May 06, 2005

Don't Steal Our Sun...till the tide creeps in

Funny that.

I woke up today the most pissed off middle-aged teenager in London this morning. Not sure why...I do keep overeating, but the stress keeps my weight down. It's all very fucked up!

My Dad's been cheap this week so I've been using the bus, trying not to fall asleep on it and coming in late all week. Today was no exeception. I spent the whole day in my pessimistic Cannae-be-bothered dementia. On Fridays I hang with Clare and Hollie and they're so into each other (platonically) I don't even get a look in. How could I - they're always whispering to each other and talk down to each other, but other than that they're lovely. The day has been dead sunny, nice. By then I was dying inside. Again. I felt so pernicious and childish. You would too after punching a bus stop post for ten minutes. Oh.

Then I was saved by Simon. He's my history teacher. Terribly biased *left wing/socialist* but he's really cool. He's gossipy, funny, and even though he goes off on tangents and gets foot-in-mouth disease and does truly terrible jokes, he reminds me why I haven't punched my politics teacher - also called Simon - in the face (V. violent today, isn't it?) Anyways, he made revising for the Poor Law (workhouses and such in the 19th Century) which is in itself a big achievement. Then he finally described Socialism, which no one really knew what it was, apart from Watered-down Communism which drives our history teachers potty. Anyways, in turn he explained Capitalism. I loved this because I always felt people had this strange power over me. Well, really the only power have any anybody have over people is strength, the pen and especially the power of speech - by that it could be by issuing a fatwa or dumping somebody, or telling someone that kitkat will cost 36 pence, and I hated people's words going over my head and leaving me fighting the urge to nod my head like idiot fake out who didn't want to care. So it got me interested in how the world works all over again which is great cos everything else seems to leave me cold, but I know why that is. you wanna know what Capitalism is?

Okay, right, Capitalism...this could go wrong...
Say, Mr Spock decided to create a jam jar factory, and he paid his workers £20 a day, and paid himself £45 a day. However, the whole business is based on invisible socio-economic factors which determines the demand, and therefore the price. The employers, Mr Spock and his jam jars are all (together, and individually) the value at which the market determines they are. If the glass for the jam jars are expensive he'll have to shell out for it at whatever price he can get it, and the wages of the workers could change with the price determined by the market. Mr Spock may not pay them entirely what they're due, but it's enough to prevent rebellion and allows them to become consumers, and keep the economy going and make sure he always gets some revenue. If glass is cheap, he has more power, doesn't he?

And that, apparentely, is Capitalism. Please remember that I may be completely wrong. Tell me ImMediaTely if I'm wrong, so I fix this.

Oh, and Socialism? It's based on the idea that whatever you put into society you get based. It's like Commission based pay/happiness based on effort. You could also call it Karma Revenge.

Whats supposed to happen is that gradually the government gets involved in affairs, nationalising (taking control) of industries, until eventually pay is fixed, and no one is at the mercy of the market or the economy. I beg to differ. It'd mean we'd all have to agree, and thats just not human nature. It's a nice idea though.

The sun is gone, and May has returned, and there's not much I can do about it. But I can make the house look nice. My pocket money depends on it. (its a new development.)

Oh, and has things gone weird for you? For one thing, the internet seems to think it's my birthday - I've had cards from Xfm (which was really nice) and from RYL who realised they messed up...also, wherever I went, on the buses, the Oyster thingy on the buses didn't work. Is this a conspiracy? What's Mr Livingstone up to...

Yeah, I'm alright.

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Disgruntledgoat said...

Pure Communism works

in theory.