Friday, May 27, 2005

A Woman's Place is on the Pitch

I think it's time to celebrate - The Women's Euro cup is going to have coverage on the BBC! Hell, yeah...

Today was a nice hot day and I miss it already. I couldn't see myself revising without clumps of hair being tugged out in desperation, so I went shopping - and by shopping I meant perusing and seeing if Primark is selling longsleeve tops ever. The bus was alright - although everyone was dressed in saris - even the men - it felt very natural and I'm gonna miss it when I move. I bought some socks and goth net tights...

I'd blog some more, but I'm boiling, and I'm gonna go and watch Big Brother and put bets on who's gonna win...

It feels like you may be being shortchanged, so I'll leave you with an old poem of mine - a soppy, "midsummer" poem called You

I remember one day when I too naïve to understand
I was told that my heart must always be mine,
That love makes you blind.
And stupidly all this time I’ve been so independent
-Fiercely keeping my eyes wide open
To avoid crashing in creepy men like walls
And being swallowed by them
Like those green childish monsters
That used to play with my lost homework
Under my bed.
I used to avoid being swept away by those
Dream specimens
I had to block every compliment
They said.

I deluded myself happy and kept my friends
As a brightly patterned blanket,
Tightly wrapped around me,
I looked up at my navy, sequinned rug
I believed my life was truly complete.
No other convention seemed right to me.

You. Yes, the beautiful girl of my dreams
In a wavy haze. You. Right before me.
You make me see and you've helped me breathe

And without you I'd be a riot of disquiet
Without you my mind would break.
With you I shall love for love's sake...

Yes, you can stop gagging now, it's over...

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CarpeDM said...

Actually, I liked it. So there.